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Did you know you can introduce yoga to a child as young as 3 years old? Introducing kid's yoga to toddlers and preschoolers is so much easier than you think. Yoga for kids is a fun and engaging way for kids to learn about their bodies, mindfulness practice, and social-emotional development. 


Through children's yoga, your toddler or preschooler can develop body awareness and self-expression while exercising simple poses and movements. Kids who exercise yoga, breathing techniques and mindfulness regularly, will learn how to strengthen their muscles, improve balance, and regulate their emotions along with a host of additional skills.



Why you should be incorporating regular yoga breath and mindfulness into your little one's day

Modern-day life is full of electronic devices, overwhelming amounts of information, and the constant pressure to succeed. This can be especially tough on children. Impacting not only their physical wellness but their mental health too.


Many of us are still reeling post covid and do not yet fully know what the repercussions will be for our kids after so much time away from school, teachers, and friends. What we do know is our kids need a way to cope with anxiety and stress now more than ever. 


Post covid fallout and daily stresses are leaving our kids feeling overwhelmed. Little children do not yet have the ability to communicate feelings or regulate emotions, and what may be interpreted as poor behaviour can often be a sign of inner distress. If we ignore the importance of attending to the mental well-being of a child's development we continue contributing to the mental health crisis among our preteens and adolescents.


Not only does yoga, breathwork, and mindfulness support the physical development of a child it is one of the ONLY extra-curricular activities that nurture their mental health too.


Yoga and mindfulness are wonderful tools to help kids:

  • strengthen their bodies
  • improve flexibility and coordination 
  • boost self-esteem
  • promote healthier sleep patterns
  • teaches emotional regulation


Plus so much more.


See Why Yoga and Mindfulness for more detail on the benefits.



So where do you start with introducing kids yoga?


  1. Start small - Yoga for kids doesn’t have to be complicated. Keep it simple with basic poses and movements.


  1. Make it fun- Kids will get the most out of yoga if they’re having fun! Incorporate kids' activities like music, dancing, or story time to keep kids interested in the practice.


  1. Connect with your kids - Spend some quality time doing yoga with your kids. As a parent or teacher you'll benefit from yoga too.


  1. Teach kids about breath - Kids yoga is all about connecting kids to their breath. Teach kids deep breathing techniques to help them relax and become more aware of their body.


  1. Don’t forget mindfulness for kids - This will help kids to de-stress and learn how to take care of their mental health.




The Karma Kids Yoga quick start guide with images


We've included some basic poses to get your yoga practice off the ground. You can easily introduce this to your child and you only have to spend a few minutes daily to reap significant rewards. Be creative, it doesn't have to be perfect.


Our top 5 easiest kids yoga poses pick:



Butterfly pose:

Start seated on the floor with your child’s feet together and hands resting on the knees. Have your child move the legs up and down like a butterfly flapping its wings while relaxing the upper body.


Down dog pose:

Start off on hands and knees, with wrists right underneath the shoulders. Have your kids move their hips up and back as they press into their hands and feet to form an inverted V shape.


Cat pose:

Start on your hands and knees with your back flat. Have kids round their spine up towards the ceiling while tucking the chin in and exhaling deeply. Have fun and meow like a cat kids, love this.


Cow pose:

Start on your hands and knees, with your back flat. Have kids arch their spines up toward the ceiling while looking up as they inhale deeply. This pose is also so much fun too don't forget to moo like a cow.


Cobra pose:

Start on your stomach with your child's feet and hands pressing into the ground. Have kids slowly arch their spine up as they exhale deeply, extending their chest forward. Relax the head back for an added stretch at the neck.



Integrate yoga breath and mindfulness for kids part as part of daily life at school and at home


The Karma Class is passionate about making yoga breath and mindfulness a part of daily life, that includes yoga at home and yoga programs at school, because not only do we want our kids to thrive we want our parents and teachers to benefit from the gifts of yoga too.


We firmly believe every school and home should have access to this incredible health and well-being tool box. That's why we offer in-school kids yoga classes, accredited teacher professional development courses, online family yoga subscriptions, and a range of yoga cards for home and yoga cards for the classroom (our yoga classroom cards are included in our accredited professional development for teachers)


Karma Kids Yoga and Mindfulness classes for early learning centres & primary schools


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We offer a complimentary trial to The Karma Kids Yoga classes at your child's early childcare centre and we know your kids will love this weekly experience.


Karma Kids Yoga and Mindfulness school programs aren't your average children's extra-curricular activity; they provide essential life skills that even the youngest kids can learn. Our weekly children's yoga classes are designed with the aim to nurture the hearts and minds of kids from all walks of life, in an age-appropriate way. (No Disney-esk characters here!)


Online Family Yoga

Bring it home with our online Family Yoga classes and The Karma Homes Yoga Cards. Learn about yoga, breathwork, and mindfulness. Online Yoga classes for kids complement your in-school yoga classes and are a perfect addition to home-schooling or simply supporting your family's mental and physical health.


We look forward to being part of your child, family, and schools health and well-being journey.