Classroom Management Professional Development

Our Karma Classroom workshop empowers educators - giving them easy-to-use, transformational tools to create a calm + inspired classroom.


Classroom Management Professional Development

Our Karma Classroom workshop empowers educators - giving them easy-to-use, transformational tools to create a calm + inspired classroom.


So easy to put into practice

The techniques are fun and easy to learn

Require only minutes a day to make an impact

AND no curriculum changes are needed

Primary and Early Childhood Professional Development

Live and interactive online PD

In this interactive course you'll learn how to create the ultimate calm + inspired classroom using aspects of mindful movement (yoga), breath and mindfulness. You'll also learn how to easily weave mindful activities into the classroom every day to create a calm, compassionate and resilient climate where everyone thrives, including you, the teacher.

APST Aligned

Addressing standard descriptors 1.1.2 from the Australian Professional Standards for Teachers.

NSW, ACT & SA Accredited

5 hours Accredited PD in the priority area of Mental Health.


5 pd hours attributed. Recognised in - ALL STATES. Evidence certificate provided.


Professional development is informed by the Early Years Learning Framework.

Professional Learning for Teachers & Early Childhood Educators

A Karma Classroom professional development outcomes

  • Learn how to use mindful movement (yoga), breath and mindfulness to create positive, focused and calm students.
  • Support your students' mental and physical health with easy-to-use strategies.
  • Create a calm classroom in as little as 3 minutes a day.
  • Understand the relationship between the body and mind, and its influence on learning and development.
  • Use transformational mood-boosting techniques at any time of the day to cultivate a positive classroom environment.
  • Learn how good posture benefits breathing and overall health and wellbeing.
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See the Karma Classroom program in action

Primary school students talking about their experience with the Karma Classroom program (35sec)

Primary school teacher Rachel implementing the Karma Classroom program with her students (46sec)

Early learning teacher Micha'el talking about her experience creating a calmer classroom (46sec)

We are Proud of Our Reviews

The Karma class was stimulating and very beneficial. The facilitator really knew their stuff. I would definitely recommend The Karma class to colleagues or anyone who wants to learn about the Karma classroom.
A fantastic collection of strategies and resources. The A5 cards are comprehensive, well made and very easy to navigate, making them perfect to use within the classroom. The PD itself was via Zoom and - like all the best PD - incorporated some great hands on activities + discussions with teachers from K-12. Highly recommend for educators looking to build a calm classroom. The strategies are also great for staff!
After the chaos of the last few years, the course has been a refreshing reminder that we can help our children to be mindful, conscientious citizens. Would highly recommend this course to anyone wanting to support their own, and their children's wellbeing
Very well organised and something that can be transferred into the classroom for any age group.
I‘ve loved the course and how Beth provided us with a great tool box of skills on how to incorporate Yoga and mindfulness in our classroom. I can’t wait to integrate the beautiful Karma Classroom Cards into our school‘s everyday life.
This was a wonderful professional development that allowed me to learn the skills necessary to implement yoga poses and bring more mindfulness into our early childhood learning environment.
It’s practicable knowledge and you can do it with children as young as 2 years old. It helps me to improve my own well-being as well
Beth’s uplifting and spirited teaching style, coupled with her expertise in teaching, mindfulness and yoga radiate. She is thorough, knowledgeable and understands the needs of educators and children especially, fostering relativity and empathy. Insight and new practices were shed, learned and reflected upon. A course worth investing into. This is to mention the practical array of resources supplied for post course and classroom support for wellbeing practices. Grateful Beth. Thanks.
The Karma class was a great workshop that provided a range of really useful resources to use in the classroom. It was insightful and interesting, and provided great practical experiences that will greatly enhance the classroom environment. I love the focus on educator wellbeing as well as the children’s well-being. Thank you Beth.
This course is highly recommended to help bring mindfulness to the classrooms. I was well inspired and engaged in learning tips and ways to encourage children to breath and be mindful. The cards are also the best resource that came with the course. I will bring them to work to use tomorrow. Thank you Beth!
A fantastic practical course for a calmer atmosphere in the classroom!
A comprehensive presentation by Beth. I gained some invaluable tips and insights that I look forward to implementing within the classroom. I highly recommend the investment in yourself and your professional practice.
❤️An interactive and fun class with Beth who has so much passion and love for bringing Yoga, Breathing and Mindfulness to everyone without age limitations. Thank you Beth! The cards and resources are incredibly well thought out and useful.
It's a great training. I have gained useful knowledge from Beth. Will definitely practice in our service. Thank you.
Such a great day of intentional learning.Beth is an incredible facilitator and her message and vision for childrens wellbeing is one that needs to be head.The course would be incredibly beneficial for all teachers and parents to be able to support their childrens development.
I highly recommend this workshop it was very empowering and well organised. I am very inspired to implement what I have learnt at work with my students and personally
This was a super well explained course, involving a deeper understanding of yoga, breath-work and mindfulness benefits. As a student who is studying Kinesiology i found this super helpful in giving me new ways and resources in bringing mindfulness into my early childhood classroom.
I really enjoyed todays session with Beth. She gave us lots of ideas that I could use in my preschool class within the routines of each day. Lots of physically challenging fun for energetic kids. An opportunity for educators to engage with young children to develop resilience, a sense of belonging and positivity. Thankyou Beth 👌
This is exactly what I needed to continue on our mindfulness journey in our classroom 🫶🏼 can’t wait to continue the journey with the tools from today . 🙌🏻 Thank you Beth !
I loved this workshop with Beth! It was so hands on and full of practical ideas that I intend to use in my classroom. Thank you 😀
I thoroughly enjoyed completing this class with Beth. I will be able to use so many aspects of the course with my preschool group. I am excited to start using the mindfulness techniques on Monday 😀
I would recommend any organisation for this Karma class Beth was awesome. Tha cards are great resource for children and teachers.It was a lively class.
I loved the class, it was very interactive. The cards provide great suggestions and variations which are suitable for young children and educators. Will definitely utilise these resources at preschool to support children’s wellbeing needs.
I liked the structured ideas of how to bring mindfulness, breathing, and movement, along with the confidence to make it all flexible to use it in ways that work best for myself and the children I will present it to.I'm excited to help our little friends strategies to encourage resilience in such a cray time.Thank you Beth
Thoroughly enjoyed the the ‘Yoga, Breath and mindfulness for kids’ workshop. I can not wait to implement what I have learnt today in the classroom.

The workshop has also assisted me as an educator to look at strategies to implement for my own mindfulness and wellbeing.

Thank you The Karma Class 😊
The Karma class course was amazing! Beth was great and really informative. Beth made the session fun and a great learning experience, can’t wait to incorporate this into our preschool program. If you haven’t done this course yet, get on to it!
Really practical and interesting. Will be easy to implement into the classroom
This PD workshop was beyond amazing in terms of discovering mindfulness tools and techniques to navigate moments of stress and anxiety! The Karma Classroom Cards have a wide range of poses and breath techniques that ultimately create the perfect classroom environment when used with our students. Cannot recommend this more! You have to do it. Thankyou Beth xx
Beth runs an informative and practical workshop whereby strategies are shared that are versatile, flexible, and useful for everyday classroom life.
Thanks heaps to Beth for creating the Karma class. I met and connected with some like minded people who are all yoga fans.
I like the session because I’ve taken away some great ideas that I could offer to my children at work, myself, my family, colleagues etc. The presentation was really cool! I give it an A+.
It was an amazing online experience. One of the best professional developments I have attended. Can’t wait to use in the classroom. The resources that are provided make it super easy to really understand and develop your personal teachings and foster children’s learning in all age ranges.
This Professional Development experience was exceptional. I walked away with so many health and wellbeing tools that I can share with my students and it was so much fun. I also love the Karma Classroom Cards!
The Karma class is really interest and informative. It's great training that helps the educators to support the children’s mindfulness, social and emotional development as well as the educators. There was useful and eye catching cards for you to use during the training. I love The Karma class.
Beth is an amazing and knowledgeable presenter/yoga instructor who has provided inspiration for educators/teachers to improve children's and one's own health and wellbeing. Highly recommend this professional development.
I loved this experience thank you 🥰
What a wonderful experience today was. I absolutely loved the content and the presentation throughout the day. I was able to visualise the activities within my room throughout the day. I feel the experiences and information I have gained today will enable me to promote a calm, secure and nurturing environment. I also really loved the Haim Ginott quote!
My son really enjoyed Beth's morning classes. Helped him a lot to be calm and start the day with a clear mind during the lockdown. We are looking forward to start back in term 4 soon. ♥️♥️🙏🙏🥰🥰
I was very fortunate to have the opportunity to attend on of Beth's training days. Wow, I didn't really understand the power that 3 deep mindful breaths could do. I came to the class nervous, uncoordinated but with an open mind. I left with knowledge, confidence and eager to introduce what I learnt into the daily routine at our centre.
I would highly recommend Beth's Karma Kids Yoga to everyone who works with children no matter what their age. Thank-you for sharing your passion, gift and knowledge Beth 🙏

Cultivate Essential Life Skills

With daily yoga, breath and mindfulness in the classroom


Physical Wellbeing

Improves physical fitness, increases flexibility, strength and balance.


Social-emotional Development

Improves self-regulation and social skills.


Mental Health & Resilience

Reduces anxiety and depression, improves resilience and coping frequency.


School & Classroom Culture

Reduces problem behaviour, disciplinary referrals, bullying and hostility.


Academic Performance

Improves focus and attention, memory and better academic grades.


Teacher Wellbeing

Reduces stress and burnout, increases efficiency, classroom management and overall wellbeing

References: A large body of proven science and health research is available on request​.  For more info contact us

Karma Classroom Activity Cards - A Teachers Resource

Our Classroom Activity Cards make it so easy to implement your professional development training.

82 Cards - 9 Categories - 117 activities to practise with your students

Large A5 cards printed on 300gsm celloglazed card stock for extra durability

(Click sample images to see full size cards)

We believe early intervention is key

Primary and Childcare professional development

We seek to inspire and support fundamental changes in the health and wellbeing practices within early childhood and primary classrooms.

Training and supporting Principals, Early Childhood Managers and their staff is pivotal to our work.

Research shows that weaving just minutes of Yoga (mindful movement), Breath and Mindfulness into every school day helps our children establish a health and wellbeing foundation - Tools for Life.

Each day they gather resources to help navigate their way through our fast-changing and unpredictable world, and to support them living positive, content and thriving lives.

Learn how yoga and mindfulness supports the myriad of mental health challenges faced by teachers and students.


Praise from teachers who've completed the Karma Classroom online PD

"Really practical; your depth of experience is evident. Your flexibility re: delivery is refreshing. Thank you so much. I look forward to getting started!"

Vanessa Bain, Merimbula Public School

"The most engaging, informative and enjoyable course I have been on in my teaching career."


Georgia Cross, Double Bay Public School


“The content that I will take back and share is huge - what a great tool to teach young children, that can stay with them as they grow.“


Corrie Shepherd, Tathra Preschool


Why getting your PD hours from the Karma Classroom is the best decision you can make

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Professional Development Courses For Teachers

NESA accredited.
TQI accredited.
APST aligned.
Be You program approved.
Certificate of completion.

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Invaluable Teacher Resources

Receive a pack of Karma Classroom Activity Cards - an invaluable teacher resource.
Includes a comprehensive manual.

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Professional Learning Community

Join our community of teachers and educators in our Facebook group for Course Graduates, where you'll receive ongoing support.

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A Karma Classroom Assurance

Practical and effective health and wellbeing techniques designed and delivered by our educator and yoga teacher with over 30 years experience.

Teacher Professional Development Requirements by State and Territory

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We believe there has never been a more urgent need for extra support and tools to help navigate and manage the ever-increasing demands being placed on teachers, and the rise of mental health issues among their students. 

Public Workshops for Teachers

A Karma Classroom is a 5-hour PD course offered live online or in person. This PD course is designed for all educators and individuals working with children.

For our latest course details see our upcoming schedule.

Whole School Programs

Our Karma Classroom PD is delivered to the entire staff, including support staff and administration, at your school or early childhood centre.

Visit our whole school page for more information. 


Be You Program Approved

The Karma Classrooms Program has been independently reviewed and is listed in the Be You Programs Directory. It meets the minimum evidence requirements set by Be You and has been awarded 4/4 for implementation.


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