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The Karma Class in Action

Making a real-life difference to the whole learning community;

children, their teachers and families

See the Karma Classroom PD program in action

Empowers educators to easily weave yoga, breath and mindfulness into every school day to create calm classrooms, better manage challenging behaviours, cultivate resilience and enhance their students’ ability to learn.  The program also helps teachers manage their own stress and fatigue.

Requires just minutes a day for educators to implement so no changes to the curriculum are needed.

Early learning teacher Micha'el talking about her experience creating a calmer classroom (46sec)

Primary school teacher Rachel implementing the Karma Classroom program with her students (46sec)

Primary school students talking about their experience with the Karma Classroom program (35sec)

Katherine, Acting Principal of Double Bay Public (2019), describes the benefits of the Karma Classroom Activity Cards (20sec)

Primary school teacher Kylie implementing the Karma Classroom program with her students (55sec)

See the full journey through Double Bay Public and the positive benefits of the Karma Classroom program (6m40sec)

See our Yoga and Mindfulness Classes in Action

Helps little learners grow in body, mind and heart developing essential skills to thrive in life.

Purposeful classes that bring much more to children than Disneyesque entertainment

Hear from these early learners about why they love our yoga and mindfulness classes (20sec)

Suzie, a preschool teacher, talking about the impact of our yoga and mindfulness classes on her children (32sec)

Primary students enjoying a Karma Kids Yoga class (36sec)

Hear from Kim, a preschool teacher, sharing her experience of our kids yoga classes (35sec)

Calm and quiet primary students lying still and enjoying belly breaths after their yoga class (10sec)

Children enjoying a Karma Kids Yoga class (19sec)

See our Family Yoga Classes in Action

Designed to nourish and support family life with our online kids yoga classes & mindful activities.

A family offering that complements and enhances our in-centre / school offerings


Nature Shapes (3+)

Join Beth on a ‘yoga walk’ to discover shapes in nature (23:04min)

Alternate Nostril Breathing

A calming breath to balance the left and right hemispheres of the brain and keep you relaxed (2:59min)

Mindful Munching preschool

When we pay attention to what we are doing, we experience new sensations. Join Jaye and her friends Teddy and Esme as they eat pear in a mindful way (2:25min)

Children thrive in classrooms that nourish their ‘whole’ self, and we believe early intervention is key.

illustration of tree yoga pose

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