About our team

Our Karma Class teaching team are a group of highly qualified educators and kids’ yoga instructors who are passionate about children's health and wellbeing.


We believe, and research shows, that children who practice Yoga, Breath and Mindfulness from an early age, develop tools that nurture their mental, physical and emotional  wellbeing.


The Karma Class is committed to supporting the personal growth of children and their educators through our signature educational programs and kids’ yoga classes, designed for pre and primary school years.

Meet The Karma Class Team

beth borowsky


Founder & Head of Wellbeing Education

The Karma Class was founded by Beth Borowsky. Her journey has followed many paths, all of them leading to the creation of The Karma Class.

Her love of learning began with a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology and English, that led to a Masters Program in early childhood education at New York University. While in New York, Beth taught at a Montessori preschool ...

Howie Fuller



Joining The Karma Class in 2017 in a part-time role, Howie is now a full-time member of the team bringing a wealth of invaluable experience and commercial leadership to the business.

As CEO he plans to use his diverse experience to bring fresh ideas, operational rigour and growth strategies to The Karma Class.

“It’s so refreshing to be part of a business that has the health and wellbeing of children as its core values.  After a career in big business, it’s extremely satisfying to know that my motivation to grow the business will directly result in more opportunities to help children thrive.”

Maddie Crowe


Digital Marketing Coordinator

Bringing together all things digital and marketing, Maddie is our dynamic coordinator managing our website, social and email content.

She is an adult yoga teacher and passionate about kids' wellbeing, and brings a deep understanding of the benefits of yoga and mindfulness to her content writing and marketing role.

What makes our teachers exceptional

We deliver high quality, authentic and purposeful kids yoga classes, as opposed to ‘Disneyesque’ entertainment.

Our priority is to support the physical and mental wellbeing of the children so they learn invaluable 'tools for life' that will help them thrive.

We ensure that every class delivered by our teachers is lots of fun AND incorporates genuine yoga techniques – mindful movement, breath and mindfulness – to provide tangible wellbeing benefits to the children.

Our knowledgeable teachers bring to each class:

  • An understanding of child development – ages and stages.
  • How to manage challenging behaviours.
  • Class design to meet different age groups.
  • Creating themed classes that incorporate mindful movement, breath and mindfulness.
  • Kids Yoga to cultivate strength, flexibility, coordination and balance.
  • Breathing techniques to calm and/or energise.
  • An understanding of Mindfulness and how to create experiences of stillness, quiet and being present.
  • Communicating and collaborating effectively with teachers and staff.
illustration of warrior 2 yoga pose

All our kids yoga teachers are:

We pride ourselves on having a team of teachers who are not only professionally trained in yoga but who are also passionate about delivering purposeful kids yoga experiences to benefit the mental and physical wellbeing of the whole child.

Trained to deliver purposeful classes


Passionate about kids AND yoga


First-aid certified

Qualified yoga instructors


Working with children check approved


Vaccinated and COVID safe

Meet our kids yoga teachers



As I moved out of childhood, I noticed the pure, open-hearted nature that children enjoy and wanted to maintain that playful and loving part of myself too as I evolved.   

I completed my Diploma in Early Childhood Care and Education, along with my Karma Kids Yoga certification in 2015, and fell in love with working with young kids.   

Growing up with a mama as a yoga teacher and kids yoga teacher, the seeds of this magical practice began to sprout in my own life.   

Throughout the last 6 years, I have had the privilege of guiding 100s of young beings in their journey of discovering their full potential. Through the gifts of breath, movement and mindfulness, I have witnessed the transformational process that is Yoga and how we can shift the consciousness of the next generation to create a more loving and compassionate world.  



I have enjoyed a wonderful career as a dancer, singer, actor and have been fortunate enough to travel the world doing what I love!   

I've always had a special connection with children and have dedicated a good portion of my career to children’s entertainment and teaching children to dance. After my son Charlie was born, I fell in love with yoga.  

I'm super passionate about the well-being of our children and so excited to share the magic of yoga and mindfulness with the next generation. It is my wish to bring joy and peace into their lives with fun and engaging classes for everyone!  



I love sharing the joy of yoga with kids. What a privilege it is for me to teach kids about how their bodies can move together with their breath to help calm their minds. It’s amazing to observe a room full of excited and busy little people come onto their mats and still themselves in readiness for our sessions - truly amazing! I’m a Mum to two very sporty and active boys and an equally sporty and active husband. I’ve been practising yoga for 18 years, have completed the KarmaKidsYoga training and have recently completed my Level 1 Yoga Teacher Training.  

It’s funny because as I write this, I’m thinking about the lessons I learn from my kids yoga classes every day. Maybe they’re teaching me more than I’m teaching them!?   



I am a qualified adult and kids yoga teacher and have been teaching yoga to both since 2005.  I have always believed that yoga should include an element of fun and this could not be more true than for kids' yoga classes.  I also have BFA in Drama/English from New York University and I love to incorporate elements of creative story telling, drama and movement into my kids classes so that they can explore the creative sides of themselves as they move their bodies to the rhythm of their breath.  

As a mother of 2 young children, I rejoice at being a part of a team that brings yoga into kids' lives. I wish that was the case when I was at preschool!  



With a devoted background in ballet, both in study and teaching, Mia has loved movement from a very young age. It was through injury that her ballet career had to end which led her to begin practising yoga. It was just a matter of time before she included Yoga Teaching studies with her Pre and Primary School teaching degree.  

Mia loves working with children and enjoys watching them grow in strength and character from all that she shares with them.  She believes that Kids Yoga is the perfect way for every child to get moving as well as to clear their busy minds, and loves sharing the many gifts of yoga with her young students.  



DeeDee lived in Ireland, London, New York and Massachusetts for over a decade as a professional actress. Between roles in castles, theatres, film and TV, she discovered nannying - performing children’s shows, yoga and meditation - and discovered the potency of contemplative practices after being diagnosed with a chronic illness.  

 As a teacher she helps students learn to celebrate their bodies, minds, and spirits in fun, safe and engaging ways – reminding us to be human-BEings, not just human-DOings!   

She became the proud new Mumma to Marnie as of September 2018, and feels she has the greatest roles in the universe - Mumma and yoga teacher.  



Yoga has been a part of my life since my childhood. Formerly a software analyst, my passion towards yoga made me re-think my goals and pursue a career in yoga which led me to undertake various certifications.   

I am enthusiastic about teaching yoga to little children as I believe sowing the seeds of yoga and all it's gifts, from an early age, will help them to become the best version of themselves as they journey through life.  



My soul lights up when I see children enjoying my yoga and meditation classes. I'm Lyndsay, a qualified kids yoga teacher, energy healer and psychologist (I like to blend the art with the science) and, knowing that anxiety and depression are on the rise, it gives me great pleasure to teach children ways to overcome these negative aspects of modern day life.

Having practised yoga myself for over 20 years, I have seen, first-hand, how breath work, poses and meditation have helped me to move through the challenges that life has thrown my way. I have a goal to teach 1,000,000 children before I retire so I'm really happy to be part of a team that can help me achieve this!




I am a mother of 2 beautiful children and have been working as an early childhood educator and kids yoga teacher for almost 10 years.

I love helping children to find inner peace, cultivate self-love, self esteem and self care through yoga and mindfulness. My goal in teaching kids yoga is to plant the seed of loving kindness into children's hearts. Yoga is a wonderful tool to help them get in touch with their body, mind & spirit.

What I love most about teaching kids yoga is that the children are not only my students, they are also my teachers. I learn many lessons from them!




Having spent many years working in a corporate world, I know firsthand how yoga and meditation can help quieten a busy mind, improve focus and move the body in a strong yet mindful way.

Becoming a parent has deepened my passion for sharing the positive effects of yoga with all generations. As an accredited Yoga for Kids teacher, I absolutely love teaching mindfulness and yoga to children of all ages, making every class fun, engaging and nourishing for their body, mind and spirit.

nancy currasco kids yoga teacher profile


Yoga is my passion and I love being able to share the knowledge I have learned from my lifetime of travels with others, especially our young children, who are the essence of life.

The speed with which the world moves is uncontrollable, and its vertigo increases every day. Yoga for children is a practice that connects them with their emotions, helping them to channel them and live a life full of peace and tranquillity - two essential elements for them to be beings of light and well-being in the future.


emily sewell 2


As a certified Yoga teacher, specialiasing in Children's Yoga, alongside being a mother and an Early Childhood educator, I understand the importance of the early years in children's development. I believe wholeheartedly that Yoga adds so much value to young children's lives, teaching them life long skills to help support them through life's little (+ big) challenges!

Through the magic of breathwork, movement and meditation I am privileged to witness children learn tools to nurture and empower themselves to see the potential for greatness within themselves. My classes are designed so that children can take their mindfulness and connection with self home and integrate what they've learnt into daily life.

Kids - Children's yoga teacher


As a Waka Waka woman, wellness practitioner, indigenous educator, yoga teacher and mother who is passionate about being inclusive, I hold a safe space for humans to explore their vessel and it’s connection to the wider eco-system around them (our collective Mother Earth). 

I have had the privilege of teaching adults and children a range of yoga styles, with a particular focus on breathwork and embodiment. I experience a real heart expansion when I witness little humans, on the mat, experiencing joy, and cultivating a body/mind connection as they move with breath.

teresa 2


Working with children allows me to witness firsthand the positive transformation that yoga brings, fostering physical well-being and emotional resilience in our young learners.

The joy of seeing children embrace mindfulness and creativity is a daily reminder of the meaningful impact we can make and it's a privilege and pleasure to contribute to their growth.



My parents tell me the story of how when I was in kindergarten, I LOVED all the babies. All I wanted to do was to hold and play with them. Well, growing up into an adult not much has changed!

Alongside my kids yoga teaching, I'm also about to finishing a Counselling & Psychotherapy degree, and will specialise in kids and young adults. Teaching kids brings me so much joy and laughter and gives me a sense of purpose that I am teaching them valuable skills that will benefit them throughout their life.

Kids - Children's yoga teacher


I've experienced in my own body and mind how much yoga has helped me and I want to share its many gifts with children, to teach them strategies to help them keep active and move mindfully, and to cope with their emotions rather than suppress their feelings or become overwhelmed by them.

And my hope is that yoga gets embedded into our school curricula so that every child can experience all that yoga has to offer them, and they grow up to be healthy, confident and compassionate adults.

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