Karma Kids Yoga Classes

Our on-site, centre-based yoga and mindfulness classes provide purposeful fun for young learners - nurturing their body and mind through movement, breath and mindful experiences. 


Karma Kids Yoga Classes

Our on-site, centre-based yoga and mindfulness classes provide purposeful fun for young learners - nurturing their body and mind through movement, breath and mindful experiences.


Our healthy mind, body and breathing techniques are specifically designed for young kids to promote balance, coordination, resilience, and calm - offering much more than Disneyesque entertainment.

For Early Childhood Centres and Primary Schools

Karma Kids Yoga is a program of weekly yoga and mindfulness classes designed specifically for children in early learning and primary schools.

The classes are delivered face to face at your early learning centre or primary school, by a fully qualified and experienced kids yoga teacher.

Karma Kids Yoga classes align with the school term and are taught on-site by our highly skilled and certified yoga instructors who are as passionate about kids as they are about yoga.

Each class combines traditional yoga techniques with breathing exercises, stories, music, imagination and mindfulness to create a unique kids yoga experience.

​These purposeful classes encourage children to discover their inner potential in a non-threatening environment and to feel good about themselves, both inside and out.  They give the children much more than 'Disneyesque' entertainment.

Hear from these early learners about why they love our yoga and mindfulness classes (20sec)

Calm and quiet primary students lying still and enjoying belly breaths after their yoga class (10sec)

Yoga is most popular with women between 25 and 34, AND it's these young mothers who will be choosing their kids childcare.

Source: Roy Morgan Research

Purposeful yoga classes that combine the benefits of movement, breath and mindfulness in a single activity.


Sharpens concentration + attention, cultivates compassion for self + others, encourages slowing down.

Teaches about ‘magical’ breath, calms the nervous system, re-oxygenates brain + body, improves focus, encourages self-regulation.

Builds strength + flexibility, co-ordination + balance. Teaches basic anatomy + physiology.

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See our Classes in Action

Hear from Kim, a preschool teacher, sharing her experience of our kids yoga classes (35sec)

Suzie, a preschool teacher, talking about the impact of our yoga and mindfulness classes on her children (32sec)

Primary students enjoying a Karma Kids Yoga class (36sec)

Learn more about our Karma Kids Yoga Classes

Our Karma Kids Yoga's teachers pride themselves on delivering authentic, holistic, secular yoga classes that have a health and wellbeing purpose as opposed to "Disneyesque" styled entertainment.

Each class is themed and includes a mix of traditional yoga, breathwork, mindfulness and meditation that encourage children to discover their inner potential in a non-threatening environment and to feel good about themselves, both inside and out.

Bring the benefits of yoga, breath and mindfulness to your early learning centre or primary school with Karma Kids Yoga for a weekly dose of body-awakening, stress-relieving yoga.

  • Weekly secular kids classes
  • Combines yoga and mindfulness
  • Non-competitive and inclusive
  • Run in parallel with school terms
  • 15 & 30 minute age-appropriate classes
  • Timing to suit centre and school schedules
  • Provided by trained practitioners

A single extra-curricular activity that improves both mental and physical wellbeing

icon of dandelion

Helps to manage stress and anxiety

icon of tree

Improves and encourages good posture

icon on sunshine and beach chair

Tools to manage mood swings and bring calm

icon of light bulb

Improves attention span and focus

icon of infinity

Develops balance and coordination skills

Extending the benefits to families and communities

We are all connected. By giving educators the tools to become more inspired and capable in the classroom, we model positive life skills for children in their early years. 

These skills – the ability to focus attention, to be self aware, to be kind and compassionate – carry over into their lives as members of a family and communities.

These same benefits can be extended outwards from your early learning centre or primary school. We can work with you to curate and implement a program that’s aligned with your school and perfect for your community.

Community benefits

Kinderling Kids Radio interview

The Karma Class CEO Beth Borowsky was invited to Kinderling Kids Radio to explain the many benefits of kids yoga and how it's taught. Sophia and Summerly show you some awesome yoga poses!

Kinderling presenter Shevonne Hunt
with Beth Borowsky and yoginis Sophia and Summerly.

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Lovely feedback about our teachers

Hi Beth

I'm Chloe's mum and Miss Rae is her teacher at Greenwood Lane Cove.

I wanted to thank Rae for the amazing work she does with the kids. The way she structures the classes is just wonderful and Chloe loves doing yoga with her.

She does yoga at home to show us what she's learnt at preschool and we love it!

​Kind Regards Susan

Hi Beth

I hope you are well, I just wanted to say how much we enjoy having Min here with us at North Ryde, the children really enjoy her sessions and the educators in the room think she is amazing!  

Kind Regards
Emma Louise Parle
Centre Manager
Geenwood North Ryde​

We believe early intervention is key

cultivating tools for coping and skills for life


As stress and anxiety continue to infiltrate our daily lives, it's critical that we give our kids health and wellbeing tools to support them throughout life’s ups and downs.

Research shows that children who are introduced to yoga-based movement, breath and mindfulness from an early age are better able to cope with social/emotional challenges as they grow.

Our programs are designed to give educators practical tools for creating calmer classrooms, while supporting whole child development and educator wellbeing.​

kids just want to have fun and yoga is so good for them

kids upside down fun yoga poses

If you are a School or Early Learning leader, Teacher, Consultant or Parent looking for more information, please get in touch.

illustration of warrior 2 yoga pose

We also offer Kids Yoga classes for School Holidays, After School Care and Incursions

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