Whole School Professional Development

Bring the benefits of the Karma Classroom program to your whole school or early learning centre. 


Whole school professional development

Our NESA, TQI and South Australia Accredited program is a transformational professional development opportunity.

Research shows that when schools and early learning centres take on a ‘whole school’ approach to the Karma Classrooms program, the benefits extend beyond individual classrooms and into the broader school / early learning community.

Training all educators gives everyone the same tools and language to weave Yoga, Breath and Mindfulness into every day. This supports a common approach where teachers collaborate with each other and affect a health and wellbeing change, both within their own classroom and the school as a whole.

Become a school or childcare centre that supports the development of the whole child, nourishes your teachers, creates positive classroom climates and builds a thriving health and wellbeing culture.  


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A range of customisable PD options available

Karma Classrooms PD

Create the space for inspired learning and play.

Available as a 5-hr Accredited PD or a 3-hr Fast-track for educators who don't require accredited hours.

Karma Care PD

Give back to your hard working and stressed educators.

1.5 hr educator self-care workshop that can fit into a daytime or evening staff meeting.

Combined PD option

Get the value of both PD programs in one workshop.

A time efficient option for educators that is 4 hours in duration.

See the Karma Classroom program in action

Katherine, Acting Principal of Double Bay Public (2019), describes the benefits of the Karma Classroom Activity Cards (20sec)

Primary school teacher Kylie implementing the Karma Classroom program with her students (55sec)

Early learning teacher Micha'el talking about her experience creating a calmer classroom (46sec)

Find out more about our PD offerings and customisation options available for your school or centre.


Your questions answered!

have worked with Beth both in a centre setting as well as having attended the NESA accredited PD offered. Her knowledge and passion for yoga and child development shine through and is inspiring.The childrens yoga classes offered by The Karma Class are a beautiful Way to share this practice with children as the teachers are engaging and relatable.The PD is insightful and practical, which makes it really fun and puts what you’re learning into practice straight away. Plus the resources are beautiful!Highly recommend the Karma Class - not only for the children in your spaces but to support yourself as an early childhood professional to bring more awareness and consciousness into your day and life.
I have worked with Beth both in a centre setting as well as having attended the NESA accredited PD offered. Her knowledge and passion for yoga and child development shine through and is inspiring.

The childrens yoga classes offered by The Karma Class are a beautiful Way to share this practice with children as the teachers are engaging and relatable.

The PD is insightful and practical, which makes it really fun and puts what you’re learning into practice straight away.

Highly recommend the Karma Class - not only for the children in your spaces but to support yourself as an early childhood professional to bring more awareness and consciousness into your day and life.
I have just completed the Karma Class Course via zoom with Beth! I love how interactive the course is and the Karma Class cards are brilliant prompts that I will use both at home with my own children and at Preschool. Beth shared with us her knowledge within the area of yoga and wellness and it is evident that she is so passionate about helping children and teachers begin and continue their mindfulness journey. I cant wait to implement some of the practices within my teaching.
What an excellent session, some brilliant ideas of how to use breathing and yoga poses in classrooms of all ages to enhance student wellbeing.
This was an amazing practical and scientifically supported approach to implementing mindful practice into our daily practice. I would highly recommended for all educational settings early childhood through to primary school.
Absolutely amazing experience!! Can’t wait to share what I’ve learnt with colleagues and students!
Great Session to attend. Gave me a new perspective on using an holistic approach within OSHC setting.
The Karma Class is very interactive, offering knowledge and practical suggestions to incorporate within the daily program with children.
Had a great time participating the training. It was very hands on and practical. Cant wait to implement the strategies and resources offered with the children
Did training today, enjoyed thoroughly and would recommend
This was a beautiful class and I ' m really excited to start the program with my preschool group . I think they'll love it.
Over the weekend my centre had the pleasure of collaborating with Beth at the Karma class and it was truly transformative. The insights and techniques shared were not just impactful, but tailored perfectly for the unique challenges that Educators may face during their day today work. Beth’s passion and expertise shone through which overall created such a welcoming space.
Thank you for such a great experience and we look forward to working with you again!
Over the weekend my centre had the opportunity of collaborating with the Karma class. Beth was absolutely amazing and the workshop was better than we all anticipated. We will definitely be working closely with Beth and the Karma class in our future!
This was such a great way to learn different techniques to calm down my class. As an educator of 2-3 year olds I now feel equipped to handle even the toughest moments, emotions and behaviours, all through using simple techniques and activities. Thank you so much to Beth who was such a great knowledgeable teacher!
Amazing class for Early education and care , I love it.
Great class easy to follow and perfect to use in the classroom everyday Hands on examples and demonstrations to put into practise
Very useful and valuable information
Really enjoyed this interactive class and look forward to implementing the knowledge I have gained with my class.
Thank you
Such a beautiful class with amazing instructions and advice for the early childhood setting 🤍
Walking away from this wonderful training course with a better understanding of how to embed mindfulness into the classrooms and how to support the team with this as well. Was also a lovely morning becoming more in tune with my own well-being. Would definitely recommend
It gave you different options and strategies to get yourself and your classes be more mindful their well being
Wonderful, very useful information and cards are simple and beautiful presented. Simple steps to introduce these tools into any class room room setting.
Just completed an online course (A Karma classroom - yoga, breath & mindfulness for kids)with Beth Borowsky. Feeling very inspired and can’t wait to put it into practice. Many thanks
The Karma Class is an inspirational, enlivening journey for teachers and educators. The peace pause is so needed in our classrooms today. Thank you for a thorough and engaging day! Carolyn Minchin
A great course! Very informative and practical. Beth delivered the content wonderfully. I am looking forward to bringing these new tools to my classrooms. Thank you Beth 🙏🏽
I absolutely loved my day learning and experiencing yoga, breath and mindfulness. If you’re looking for an interactive and inspiring PD to support the wellness of children and teachers in and beyond the classroom, definitely do a session with Beth!
I just did this professional development today and it was amazing and so worth having as a skill in the classroom! Would absolutely would recommend. Jhenae McBay
Beth has a wealth of knowledge to share with all. Very hands on workshop relevant to early years. Thank you Beth for sharing your wisdom and inspiration.
The Karma Class workshop was not only informative but also extremely practical to use in an early childhood setting. Useful for everyday inclusion
So practical & essential life skills for young & old alike, with bucket loads of fun & creativity!
An important lesson for everyone to learn about teaching children to be mindful.
Really interesting, informative professional development. Very hands on with lots of tools to use in the classroom.
The Karma training is really useful and informative providing me lots of calming strategies, which I can use to support my children at work and also use in my personal life. I highly recommend this training to others!
Karma.class was inspiring and informative, providing mindful tools to distress. we all recieved a box of cards to guide us as educators to help build kind, caring brave young people. thankyou.
just attended a session of the Karma Class, is very relaxing after the stretches. It is very useful to teach kids to calm their selves when they are overexcited. Good techniques and skills
A wonderful, calming and hands on workshop which outlined practical ways to incorporate yoga and mindfulness into the classroom. Beth covered the practical ways that the Karma cards can be used with children on a daily basis. I am looking forward to implementing the cards with my preschool children. I thoroughly enjoyed this workshop and felt more calmer afterwards!
I firmly believe that all Educators should get involved in this type of training with "the karma class" understanding the importance of uniting body, breath and mind for a more effective practice creating more meaningful learning environments for today's children. Thanks so much for step by step tips Beth. also the the resources are lovely.
Ahhh big breaths… what an amazing course! If this sparks your attention, just do it. The amount of knowledge I just received and this community I am now apart of is invaluable. I cannot wait to incorporate everything I have learnt and will be learning for my families, my own family and for our children to create healthy habits to carry them through life. I hope every educator will take the time to learn these life skills too.
What a fabulous workshop. Beth is a wonderful facilitator teaching the importance of mindfulness for adults and children. Highly recommended for all those that work with young children.
so much valuable information and not only for children but as educators!!! thank you
Useful to support children in early childhood and school and all areas of your life.
Loved this work shop and I think it is going to make a big difference to the kids I teach
What a wonderfully accessible and thought-out way of working with wellbeing in any classroom! The course presented exercises that are adaptable to different developmental stages. It was great for resetting the classroom culture and caring for teacher wellbeing. I highly recommend it.
Beth was amazing. The Karma Class training provided some great practical tools we can use for our own well-being as educators and to support the children’s emotional well-being and success for life. I would highly recommend this training to all teachers and educators.
Amazing interactive workshop with great ideas and insights. I especially like the karma classroom cards to refer to.
Very interactive and meaningful. Lots of practical ideas to implement

Highlights of A Karma Classroom PD Workshop for the Whole School

  • Practical, experiential and a great team builder
  • Supports teacher health and wellbeing by offering tools to reduce stress, mental/physical fatigue and burnout
  • Promotes a school culture that values compassion, kindness and creativity alongside academics
  • Participants receive practical tools to easily weave Yoga (mindful movement), Breath and Mindfulness into the classroom and playground every day
  • Each participant receives a comprehensive manual and set of Karma Classroom Cards

Follow up support

Graduates have access to The Karma Class team and receive ongoing support to encourage their active use of the program.

We work closely with ‘champion teachers’ selected by the school who act as a conduit between the staff and The Karma Class to ensure the ongoing success of the program.


Customise the support to suit your needs:

  • Fortnightly or monthly catch-up sessions with ‘champion teachers’
  • Staff meeting sessions run by The Karma Class
  • Parent information nights


Find out how The Karma Class can transform your school's Health and Wellbeing program.

A whole school approach


The wellbeing of our students and teachers is an issue we cannot afford to ignore.

Hear how Double Bay public implemented the Karma Classroom Program school-wide, and how it has changed their health and wellbeing culture.


(Video is 6m40s)


Hear what graduates have to say

"Really practical; your depth of experience is evident. Your flexibility re: delivery is refreshing. Thank you so much. I look forward to getting started!"

Vanessa Bain, Merimbula Public School

"The most engaging, informative and enjoyable course I have been on in my teaching career."

Georgia Cross, Double Bay Public School

“The content that I will take back and share is huge - what a great tool to teach young children, that can stay with them as they grow.“

Corrie Shepherd, Tathra Preschool

Weekly Kids Yoga Classes

Held weekly, and aligned with the school term, our Karma Kids Yoga classes are a perfect compliment to the Karma Classrooms program.  

Students build strength and flexibility while cultivating a sense of calm and balance (both physical and emotional)  

And FUN and FANTASTIC adventure into body, breath and mind! 

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