Create the Space for Inspired Learning


For early learning centres, primary schools, educators and children

Our programs help create classrooms where teachers, children and learning thrives.

Create the Space for Inspired Learning


For early learning centres, primary schools, educators and children

Our programs help create classrooms where teachers, children and learning thrives.

Our work integrates more than 30 years of theory and practice in education, with our understanding of how mind+breath+movement work together to manage stress and promote wellbeing.

Tools for Coping + Skills for Thriving

For Teachers: Easy-to-use techniques that help educators manage stress, overcome daily challenges and create a focussed, calm and ready-to-learn classroom climate.  


For Children: Simple tools that help young learners improve flexibility and coordination while building life-long skills of resilience, regulation and self-soothing.

Our Programs are Designed for Practical Outcomes

Our Karma Classroom workshop empowers educators - giving them easy-to-use tools to create a calm + inspired classroom where learning flourishes.

Our Self-Care workshop support teacher wellbeing with practical tools to manage stress and build resilience in their own lives. 

Our on-site, centre-based yoga and mindfulness classes provide purposeful fun for little learners while nurturing their body and mind.

Whole School Programs

Bringing the benefits of our Classroom Management and Educator Self-Care programs to your whole school or early learning centre

The science of Movement, Breath and Mindfulness

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Releases tension and trauma

Improves gross and fine motor control

Decreases impulsivity

Boosts mood

Metabolises cortisol, the stress hormone


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Calms the nervous system

Enhances self-regulation

Relieves stress and anxiety

Improves focus

Balances energy


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Improves concentration and attention

Enhances cognitive control

Cultivates compassion for self and others

Supports social emotional learning

Alleviates anxiety and depression

Reduces stress and burn-out


A positive approach for managing student stress and anxiety, and teacher burnout.

  • Transform classrooms in just minutes each day

  • Simple and effective tools for teachers

Accredited Professional Development in NSW, ACT and SA

teacher in school class with yoga breathing ball

Practical solutions to the growth of stress, anxiety & poor posture amongst our children

  • Bring new concepts and ideas into the classroom

  • Something for both the mind and body

The single most impactful extra-curricular activity you can offer early learners.

early learning kids with yoga teacher practising candle meditation

Create calm and activate tired minds with online kids yoga and mindful activities

  • Over 40 classes for kids aged 2+

  • Brain break ideas for home schooling

Created from over 15 years experience working with 1000's of kids & their teachers.

yoga lesson in homeschool dad and child

A snapshot of what we do

See students engaging with the Karma Classroom techniques

A Kama Class kids yoga preview

Teachers, be empowered with our Karma Classrooms training course

For pre-school and primary school teachers

Workshops are held online and face to face

Australian standards approved and NESA-accredited professional development course in the priority area of student/child mental health.

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A Kama Class interviewed by Channel Ten

“Half of all mental illness has it's onset by the age of 12.  1 in 7 Australian primary students suffer from a mental illness every year.”

Smiling Minds: State of Mind white paper 2021 


“Never before has there been a more important time to introduce Yoga, Breath and Mindfulness into every classroom”

Beth Brorowsky, CEO The Karma Class


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