About The Karma Class



Our vision for a calmer world

To ensure every teacher, child and family gain the health & wellbeing tools essential to thrive in life.

Our Mission

To help grow little learners mindfully.

Our impact so far


4000+ Kids


300+ Teachers


3000+ Students


7000+ Families

The Karma Class story

The Karma Class was founded by Beth Borowsky, an Educator and former Montessori preschool teacher, and one of Sydney’s most respected kids and adult yoga teachers and teacher trainers.

Her vision, alongside The Karma Class, is to bring health and wellbeing to teachers, students and families through the evidence-based science of Yoga, Breath and Mindfulness.

Our story began in 2005, with Beth visiting preschools to teach kids yoga classes. We have proudly evolved into a recognised and accredited service provider that brings health and wellbeing tools to students, teachers and families.

In the last decade, significant progress has been made in the scientific and psycho-social investigation of yoga and mindfulness as supporting a whole child approach to development, learning and well-being, as well as classroom climate.

This evidence-based research has created a sound framework for the theoretical and practical approaches at the core of The Karma Class and its programs and resources.

Research, together with global recognition, stresses that for children to learn and mature into creative, compassionate and critical thinking adults, their educational experience must attend to their social, emotional, physical and academic needs.

The Karma Class’ programs and products attend to these needs.

Children thrive in classrooms that nourish their ‘whole’ self, and we believe early intervention is key.

More about what we do

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A Karma Classroom Activity Card

Karma Kids Yoga

Our weekly kids’ yoga classes, for early childhood and primary children, combine traditional yoga with breathing, mindfulness, stories and imagination to create 'fun with a twist' for body and mind.

Taught by our experienced teaching team, students explore their bodies and breath in themed classes that are non-competitive, inclusive and fun.


Karma Classrooms

With child mental health and wellbeing at crisis levels, The Karma Class advocates for the integration of Mindful Movement (Yoga), Breath and Mindfulness into every school day, to bolster social and emotional intelligence alongside academic learning. This holistic approach keeps students enthusiastic and engaged, while cultivating curiosity, courage and resilience – attributes needed to navigate life’s bumpy roads in healthy ways.

The Karma Class is a recognised service provider. Our Professional Development Workshop for teachers - A Karma Classroom – is recognised as a NESA Accredited PD course and has a 4 star implementation rating with Be You. It is evidence based and aligned to the Australian Curriculum (ACARA), CASEL and Skills for 21st Century Learning.


Karma Homes

For families, we have our Karma Collection – an online library of kids yoga classes, meditations and mindful activities and the Karma Home Cards that bring Yoga, Breath and Mindfulness into the home.

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Want to know more

If you are a School or Early Learning leader, Teacher or Parent looking for more information, please get in touch.