Our vision for a calmer world

To ensure every teacher, child and family gain the health & wellbeing tools essential to thrive in life.

Our Mission

To provide easy to use programs and tools that relieve stress, create calm, build resilience and support physical strength & flexibility.

Our impact so far


4000+ Kids


250+ Teachers


3000+ Students


7000+ Families

The Karma Class story

As the Founder and CEO of The Karma Class, Beth Borowsky is passionate about the mental health and wellbeing of teachers, students and their families.

She believes early intervention is key and advocates for the integration of Yoga, Breath and Mindfulness to bolster Social and Emotional Learning within pre and primary schools.

Her love of learning began with a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology and English that led to a Masters Program at New York University in Montessori Early Childhood Education.

With a deep understanding of education theory, experience as a course developer and teacher trainer, and more than 1,000 hours of yoga, breath and mindfulness study and training, Beth has created her own unique path that has led to The Karma Class.



Want to know more


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