About Beth

The Karma Class was founded by Beth Borowsky. Her journey has followed many paths, all of them leading to this single destination.

Her love of learning began with a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology and English that led to a Masters Program at New York University in early childhood education. While in New York, Beth taught at a Montessori preschool and was struck by the contrast between her own education – growing up in a traditional school system in South Africa – with an environment that recognised the autonomy and agency of children as active participants in their own learning experience.

Returning to South Africa, Beth became a teacher of teachers, initially as a course leader for Montessori Maths and soon after as the program head for a comprehensive Montessori Teacher Training curriculum.

She emigrated to Australia in 1993 and followed her passion for education through a number of initiatives – as manager and staff trainer for the Kumon English program and as a course creator for Austrailian Curriculum Enhancement, developing their English curriculum program for years K through HSC. The birth of her two daughters provided fresh impetus for her career, developing a practical course for babysitters and founding Kidoodle, a toy store that celebrated the fun side of learning.

It was while balancing the demands of single parenting two young children that Beth began focussing on the stressors in her own life and the work that would lead her to a deeper understanding of how we build resilience and a calmer, more meaningful productivity in our personal and professional lives.

As a yoga enthusiast, Beth had always appreciated its benefits as an adjunct to the main business of living.

But the more she learned and the more she practiced, as a student and teacher of yoga, the more she appreciated that the underlying characteristics – mindfulness, presence and body awareness together with breathing and movement – could be a powerful force for change in the way we teach and the way our children learn.

More than that, it could provide teachers and students alike with essential tools for the world we now live in – tools that are practical and easy to implement – that extend beyond the classroom and last a lifetime.

With her understanding of education theory, her experience as a course developer and teacher trainer, and more than 1,000 hours of yoga study and training, Beth has created her own unique path that has led to The Karma Class.

We invite you to join us.