Karma Kids Yoga

Secular yoga-based mind, body and breathing techniques delivered by our specially trained practitioners to pre-schools, after school care and primary school students.


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Pre-school program

Delivered in pre-school classrooms, Karma Kids Yoga provides a weekly class that adapts the breathing, mindfulness and movement techniques of yoga and packages them as “Fun with a Twist”. The classes are practical and non-pedagogical. The classes have been refined over 14 years of practical delivery in over 30 pre-schools across NSW. The 15-30 minute classes, delivered by practitioners trained by The Karma Class, provide age-appropriate skills that help with mood regulation, attentiveness and focus in class.

Out of school hours program

Bring weekly yoga sessions into your after school program and gift your students with Yoga, Breath and Mindfulness to help them build resilience while cultivating strength and flexibility and inner calm.

Our programs deliver proven benefits, evidenced by the number of schools that continue to subscribe over successive terms and school years, and by testimonials from teachers whose students participate in the program.

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A positive approach for managing student stress and anxiety, and teacher burnout

Karma Classrooms

Promotes strength, cultivates calm and builds resilience in children and youth

Karma Kids Yoga

A suite of classes that bring yoga, mindful activities and calm into your home

Karma Homes