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The Karma Class is committed to providing high-quality professional development to ensure you receive the best education to support you in your teaching career. 

We are both pleased and proud that our professional development workshop, A Karma Classroom, is a NESA endorsed and accredited PD experience. 

Courses are delivered face to face and live online.

The Karma Classroom continues to be a NESA accredited course NSW 
Proficient teacher accreditation

New restrictions for the accreditation of courses means that A Karma Classroom Workshop is now only one a of handful of NESA approved professional development courses for teachers.  It is also one of the few courses that consider teacher wellbeing as part of the course offering.

As a result of the stringent new criteria introduced to qualify for NESA teacher accreditation, you can be sure that when you attend A Karma Classroom Workshop you are receiving a quality teacher professional development course experience.

You can also be confident that the knowledge and skills you acquire can be easily implemented into your classroom.


This NESA accredited live and online course will have a direct and positive impact on your students’ learning, in addition to meeting the high standards now required by the NSW Education Standards Authority.

FAQ's about the new NESA accreditation changes

Why getting your PD hours from the NESA approved
"A Karma Classroom" is the best decision you can make.

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You receive 5 hours of NESA Accredited PD (NSW Education Standards Authority) in the priority area of Student/Child Mental Health addressing standard descriptors 1.1.2 from the Australian Professional Standards for Teachers towards maintaining Proficient Teacher Accreditation in NSW. 

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You can be confident that the course delivers practical and effective health and wellbeing techniques for your classroom as it's designed and delivered by an educator and yoga teacher with over 30 years experience.

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Receive a pack of Karma Classroom Activity Cards - an invaluable teacher resource.   [See the Cards] 

Includes a comprehensive Manual

Certificate of completion 

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Get access to expert support in our A Karma Classroom Facebook Group for course graduates. 

What to expect from a PD Course

Professional development and learning help teachers to grow in their professional practice. Completing PD helps teachers keep up to date with relevant content, skills and pedagogy and supports their professional growth. 

Research shows effective professional learning should: 

  • be content-focused 
  • be of a sustained duration 
  • recognise the experience and prior knowledge of learners 
  • demonstrate coherence 
  • be job-embedded and/or provide opportunities for transference of learning 
  • model effective practice 
  • involve active collaboration 
  • include opportunities for feedback and reflection. 

A Karma Classroom workshop realises each of these points.

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There has never been a more urgent need for extra support and tools to help navigate and manage the ever-increasing demands being placed on teachers, and the rise of mental health issues among their students. 

A Karma Classroom workshop is an evidence-based course that provides you with the most up-to-date information and practical strategies to support the mental and physical health and wellbeing of your students and yourself.

  • Gain an understanding of how to use yoga, breath and mindfulness as tools to help your students focus, de-stress and feel more positive. 
  • Learn how to use yoga, breath and mindfulness to nourish yourself and to bring your best self to school each day. 
  • Understand how the mind and body are connected and how these impact learning and development.
  • Learn how to create a calm and relaxed environment in your classroom in as little as 5 minutes a day.
  • Weave these wellbeing tools into your class at any time during the day and your students will begin to look forward to their Peace Pause.
  • Better manage classroom disruptions and behavioural outbursts.
  • Practical strategies to support your students with their mental and physical health. 
  • Cultivate good posture in yourself and your students to promote better flexibility and breathing. 

Includes the Karma Classroom Activity Cards

Large Format & Durable A5, 300gsm stock, celloglazed finish, rounded corners

(Click sample images to see full size cards)

Receive your PD hours from an organisation that is passionate about making a difference to support teachers and students. 



When you complete our course, you'll be armed with the latest knowledge and strategies to help support the mental and physical wellbeing of your students and yourself. 

We understand that you are under immense pressure and that your time is precious. With this in mind, we have designed a course that is experiential, interactive and fun; easy to learn and implement, and only requires minutes every day to see results.  It can also be easily implemented alongside any other health and wellbeing programs you may already be using. 


What teachers are saying about the PD course

"This course is a game changer, as it's lifelong in its application, and levels up the art of practicing wellbeing within classes. Thanks Beth"


Lily Truong, Hills Montessori

"I loved this workshop! It was really helpful. Beth explains everything with passion, clear and simple words. And I really love the Karma Classroom Cards!"


Alejandra Gracia Clovelly Childcare

"This workshop was beyond my expectations. Beth, you inspired me and it was very much what I needed. It's a circuit breaker for me! It will compliment what I am already doing in the classroom. Thank you!"

Stephanie Hyles, Jugiong Public

Custom Programs for Schools

A ‘whole school’ approach where the entire staff complete the Karma Classrooms course.

We continue to work closely with you to ensure the ongoing success of the program.

Add weekly Kids Yoga Classes and your Health and Wellbeing Program will be flourishing!

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Be You Program Approved

The Karma Classrooms Program has been independently reviewed and is listed in the Be You Programs Directory. It meets the minimum evidence requirements set by Be You and has been awarded 4/4 for implementation.


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