Karma Classrooms

Professional development empowering educators and teachers to create calm, kind and compassionate classrooms that nourish the whole child.

Professional Development for Early Childhood Educators and Primary Teachers

  • A Karma Classroom is a NESA approved and APST aligned Professional Development course.
  • Gives educators tools to easily weave Yoga, Breath and Mindfulness into their classroom every day for just minutes at a time.  
  • Participants each receive a pack of Karma Classroom Activity Cards, making the program easy to learn and super easy to implement.  
  • They leave the workshop with tools, tips and skills on how to create calmer classrooms where everyone thrives, including them!  

Be a teacher who values the health and wellbeing of your students (and yourself) 

Created by teachers for teachers, A Karma Classroom has been designed to empower and support teachers in their multiple roles of educator, mediator and mentor.

Research shows that weaving just minutes of Yoga (mindful movement), Breath and Mindfulness into every school day helps our children establish a health and wellbeing foundation - Tools for Life. Each day they gather resources to help navigate their way through our fast-changing and unpredictable world, and to support them living positive, content and thriving lives.

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We believe early intervention is key.


We seek to inspire and support fundamental changes in the health and wellbeing practices within early childhood and primary classrooms.

Training and supporting Principals, Early Childhood Managers and their staff is pivotal to our work.

Learn how yoga and mindfulness supports the myriad of mental health challenges faced by teachers and students.

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Public Workshops for Teachers

A Karma Classroom is a 5-hour workshop (delivered Live online or face-to-face) for early childhood and primary school teachers, counselors, therapists and other professionals working with children.   


The workshop teaches you how to easily weave short bursts of movement, breathing and mindfulness into the classroom each day to nurture creative, conscious and compassionate citizens of the classroom

Custom Programs for Schools

A ‘whole school’ approach where the entire staff (including Admin) in your school or centre complete A Karma Classroom course. 


Once completed, there is an option to continue to work with us. We design an individualized program to meet your school’s specific needs and work closely with the school/childcare centre and a selected group of ‘champion teachers’ to ensure the on-going success of the program. 

Proven benefits of daily yoga, breath and mindfulness in the classroom

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Teacher Wellbeing

Reduces Stress & Burnout, Increases Efficiency, Classroom management and Overall Wellbeing

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Academic Performance

Improves Focus and Attention, Memory and Better Academic Grades

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Mental Health & Resilience

Reduces Anxiety & Depression, Improves Resilience and Coping Frequency

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Social - Emotional Development

Improves Self-Regulation and Social Skills

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Physical Health and Wellbeing

Improves Physical Fitness, Increases Flexibility, Strength and Balance

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School & Classroom Culture

Reduces Problem Behaviour, Disciplinary Referrals, Bullying and Hostility

References: A large body of proven science and health research is available on request​.  For more info contact us






Completing A Karma Classroom contributes 5 hours of NSW Education Standards Authority (NESA) Accredited PD in the priority area of Student/Child Mental Health addressing standard descriptors 1.1.2 from the Australian Professional Standards for Teachers towards maintaining Proficient Teacher Accreditation in NSW.


Be You Program Approved

The Karma Classrooms Program has been independently reviewed and is listed in the Be You Programs Directory. It meets the minimum evidence requirements set by Be You and has been awarded 4/4 for implementation.


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Includes the Karma Classroom Activity Cards

Tools for the Classroom, Gifts for Life

easy to use, for just minutes every day

A wellbeing tool kit for teachers and their students

82 gender neutral cards
115 classroom activities
9 categories

selection of yoga cards camel pose dust buster breathing and yoga poses

The Karma Classroom Activity Cards are educationally designed to support physical, social and emotional wellbeing, learning-readiness and a classroom climate that is calm, centred and focused.

They are easy to use and deliver a holistic body, breath and mind experience. With just minutes of daily movement, mindful activities and breath, mental focus, social/emotional intelligence and physical strength is supported.

  • Supports learning-readiness
  • Teaches stress management tools
  • Keeps students calm + focused
  • Builds resilience
  • Develops social / emotional intelligence
  • Promotes a positive classroom climate

What teachers are saying about the course

"Really practical; your depth of experience is evident. Your flexibility re: delivery is refreshing. Thank you so much. I look forward to getting started!"

Vanessa Bain, Merimbula Public School

"The most engaging, informative and enjoyable course I have been 
on in my teaching career."


Georgia Cross, Double Bay Public School

“The content that I will take back and share is huge - what a great tool to teach young children, that can stay with them as they grow.“


Corrie Shepherd, Tathra Preschool

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Karma Classrooms training course

For childcare and primary school teachers
Workshops are held online and face to face
Australian standards approved and NESA-accredited professional development course in the priority area of student/child mental health.
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A Kama Class interviewed by Channel Ten

“Half of all mental illness has it's onset by the age of 12.  1 in 7 Australian primary students suffer from a mental illness every year.”

Smiling Minds: State of Mind white paper 2021 


“Never before has there been a more important time to introduce Yoga, Breath and Mindfulness into every classroom”

Beth Brorowsky, CEO The Karma Class

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