Why Yoga and Mindfulness

Stress and anxiety amongst children and teachers are the highest they have ever been.

Teachers are leaving their professions due to excessive levels of stress, and the incidence of children suffering and developing mental and physical illnesses is on the rise.

COVID has exacerbated this already growing problem that is being felt throughout the education system and the world.


The health and wellbeing of children and their teachers is a growing concern.

primary school boy participating in classroom yoga lesson

Anxiety, depression and deteriorating physical health are at an all-time high around the world.

It infiltrates our homes, workplaces and schools daily.  Teachers pupils, and parents are not just having to cope with the demands of daily life, they are dealing too with ongoing apprehension created by the COVID 19 pandemic.

Teachers are reporting record burnout rates.  Schools are struggling with managing an increase in parent stress and demands - both exacerbated by the pandemic.

Many of our children are facing an increase in mental and physical disorders that make learning challenging and coping with the hurdles of general life more difficult.

Poor posture, compounded by excessive screen time and sitting hunched over desks for too long, is yet another pandemic facing our youth. Poor posture limits breathing capacity, which in turn reduces the amount of oxygen to the brain, causing an inability to focus and learn and potential long-term postural defects.


What the statistics say

Early Learning

81% Early Learning Directors have difficulties in attracting and recruiting staff, with staff turnover the highest it's ever been.

57% of early years professionals say they suffer from anxiety as a result of work.

26% Early Learning Educators experience depression.


50% Australian teachers suffer from anxiety .​

20% suffer from depression ​.

50% of Australian teachers leave the profession within the first 5 years ​.


90% School Principals say anxiety in students is placing a major time and resource burden on schools.

50% of teachers say they are dealing with parent stress in addition to the usual parent demands.



33% Students report they find it difficult to learn due to noise and disorder in almost every class.

14% of 4-17 y/o suffer from mental health disorders.

25% Australian children and adolescents aged 2–17 are overweight or obese.



87% of parents agree that their child’s mental health is just as important as their physical health.

41% of parents believe the pandemic has had a significant negative impact on the mental wellbeing of their children.


 References:   A large body of proven science and health research is available on request.  For more information reach out to The Karma Class

The impact of stress and anxiety on children and their teachers cannot be underestimated
AND early intervention is key if we are to make a difference

How Yoga and Mindfulness address these modern-day challenges

What is Yoga, Breath and Mindfulness?  

Yoga originates from India and is an ancient practice that nurtures mind/body health and wellbeing through the practices of Asana (physical poses), Pranayama (breath control), Meditation and Mindfulness.   

Yoga is not affiliated with any religion or belief system. It is a science, not a religious path, and respects all religious and non-religious tradition.

Introducing yoga-based practices that include conscious breathing, mindful movement and mindfulness go a long way in contributing directly to the development of the WHOLE child.   

The yoga taught by The Karma Class is secular in nature and does not align with any religious or spiritual beliefs and practices.

illustration of dancers yoga pose

Proven Benefits of Yoga for Kids and Adults

  • Increases strength, flexibility and balance
  • Encourages better posture
  • Promotes access to deep breathing
  • Increases energy levels
  • Regulates the nervous system
  • Improves sleep patterns/quality
  • Helps to relieve depression
  • Encourages greater self-awareness
  • Promotes healthy self-esteem
  • Calms emotions and builds resilience
  • Improves mental focus and concentration
  • Supports coping skills for daily challenges

How does The Karma Class help?

We provide innovative health and wellness PD programs and kids classes to the early learning and primary school sectors.

Our programs are evidence-based and specially designed to cultivate a strong physical and mental scaffolding for children.  Students build a toolbox of health and wellbeing skills to support them as they navigate their way through life’s challenges.

Having such skills to draw from bolsters children’s overall physical and mental wellbeing, and inspires future generations of resilient, compassionate, creative and critical thinking adults.

kids upside down fun yoga poses

It's easier to build strong kids than to mend broken adults

Growing evidence suggests that when schools integrate yoga and mindfulness programs into their school curriculum, it supports the development of the whole child, nourishes teachers, creates a calm classroom environment and a thriving school culture.



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A Karma Classroom - Professional Development Training

A NESA accredited and TQI + South Australia accredited wellbeing professional development workshop that gives teachers and educators tools to easily weave yoga, breath and mindfulness into every school day to reduce teacher and student stress.

The workshop is designed to build resilience, increase focus and concentration, and cultivate a calmer and more compassionate classroom climate.  Graduates hail it as one of the best professional development courses for teachers.

Includes a pack of the Karma Classrooms Activity Cards and a comprehensive manual.

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A Karma Classroom - Whole School Training

A Karma Classroom PD workshop attended by the entire staff.  Following this, we work closely with ‘champion’ teachers - chosen by your primary school or childcare centre - to support the on-going implementation and success of The Karma Classroom program.

(Optional extra: weekly yoga classes for kids)

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Karma Kids Yoga Classes

Our kids’ yoga classes offer a complete body-mind experience delivered by experienced and passionate kids yoga teachers. Every class is specifically designed for children to have fun while developing important life skills to nurture physical strength, flexibility and balance, build resilience and cultivate calm.

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Teacher Self-Care Workshops

A professional development experience that highlights the science behind why self-care is so important for teachers and educators, and offers practical tips and tools to create a self-care routine that keeps them nourished and thriving.

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After School, Holiday Programs and Incursions

A range of extracurricular activities including kids yoga classes and mindfulness activities customised to meet your needs.

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Karma Homes - Online Classes

Join Beth and The Karma Class team as they take you on adventures into your body, breath and mind.  A suite of 42+ online kids’ yoga classes and mindful activities to bring calm into your home and nourish your family from the inside out.

Perfect for the home-schooling classroom.

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Karma Classroom Activity Cards  

An innovative teacher resource consisting of 82x A5 gender-neutral cards packed with 115 activities including mindful movements for the floor and at the desk, breathwork, partner poses, visualisations, mindfulness experiences, and discussion topics. Comes complete with a comprehensive instruction guide.

Tools for the Classroom. Gifts for Life.

A pack is included in the Karma Classrooms PD Workshop or can be purchased individually.

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Karma Homes Activity Cards

A family resource designed to bring Yoga, Breath and Mindfulness into the home.  Comprises 66x A5 gender-neutral cards packed with yoga poses, breathwork, partner poses, visualisations and mindfulness activities.  Comes complete with a comprehensive instruction guide.

A great tool for home schoolers.

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Teacher Yoga Classes

Yoga classes for teachers, run by our experienced team of adult yoga teachers, typically on a weekly basis.  Designed to help teachers de-stress, build strength and flexibility and cultivate calm.

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Family Yoga and Private Classes

Fun kids yoga classes, run by our experienced team of kids’ yoga teachers, designed to bring the many gifts of yoga, breath and mindfulness to your family.

Delivered face to face or online.

Benefits of Working with Us

The Karma Class brings more than just yoga to children, teachers, schools, early learning centres and families.

Through our evidence-based workshops, kids yoga classes and innovative products, we offer children and teachers holistic experiences that combine the benefits of mindful movement, breathing and mindfulness to support optimal mental and physical health and wellbeing.

Children learn about their strong bodies and develop tools to self soothe and build resilience while becoming compassionate citizens of the calm classroom, their community, and the world at large. This health and wellbeing toolbox helps them to navigate the rocky roads of life with greater ease and less anxiety.

Teachers learn ways to create calm classrooms with easy to use techniques that require just minutes a day.  They can teach more effectively as they are able to engage students with fewer disruptions which in turn reduces their own stress and helps minimise teacher burnout.


“The most important teachings we as teachers offer transcend academic skills and the acquisition of knowledge. Before teaching content, we must create a learning environment conducive to education.” Meena Srinivasan

If you are a School or Early Learning leader, Teacher or Parent looking for more information, please get in touch.

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