Yoga for kids and why it should be in your early childhood centre

Offering kids yoga in your childcare centre brings with it a host of benefits for the children, your staff and your early childhood centre. 

By incorporating a centre-based kids yoga preschool program, you begin to cultivate a calm and relaxed environment for both the children and your staff. Not only do the children benefit from a regular yoga and mindfulness practice, but you can boost your enrolments too. 

Kids yoga classes give children a chance to move their bodies, have fun, and learn about being mindful and their breath in a safe and supportive environment. Children's yoga classes are designed to help kids develop strength, flexibility and coordination while learning about their magical breath and how it helps them to self soothe and build resilience. 

Yoga for children has been shown to improve emotional regulation and challenging behaviours, reduce stress and cultivate a general sense of wellbeing. 

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If you're looking for a way to boost enrolment and provide a healthy learning environment consider offering in-school yoga for kids - Here's why:  

More mums are choosing children's yoga

Yoga is a popular activity for people of all ages, but it is especially popular among women between the ages of 24 and 34.  Many of these are mums and are also often the primary decision maker as to which childcare provider is best for their child. 

Therefore as parents expect more from their childcare centres, many are choosing early childhood centres that offer mindful kids yoga activities and classes to help their children develop physically, mentally AND emotionally. 

Offering kids yoga classes at your centre helps set your business apart from the competition and gives parents peace of mind that their children are being exposed to healthy, holistic activities that cultivate body, mind and emotional wellbeing. 

Improving enrolment is not the only reason you should consider yoga for preschoolers. There are additional benefits to your childcare, your teachers and your students. 

Emotional regulation

Yoga with kids has been clinically shown to have a wide range of advantages. Apart from the host of physical benefits, children's yoga has been proven to significantly enhance emotional regulation. 

By practicing mindful yoga with kids, they learn to focus on their breath and become more mindful. These tools help to ground them in the present moment and cultivate a greater sense of self-awareness. 

Yoga and mindfulness classes offer a safe and supportive environment for children to move their bodies, explore their emotions and express their feelings.  

This can be an immensely powerful outlet for emotions that might otherwise feel overwhelming or out of control. Through their experience of mindful yoga, children learn how to navigate their emotions more effectively by developing emotional regulation skills that can serve them throughout life. 

Create a calm classroom environment

Our environment has a profound effect on our behaviour and mood, and with children, it’s no different. It's vital for childcare centres to offer a calm and relaxing classroom atmosphere. One way to create this type of environment is by incorporating yoga for kids into the weekly routine. 

Children's yoga classes highlight several calming techniques through breath, movement and mindfulness. This, in turn, allows teachers to draw from these experiences and readily offer soothing tactics to quickly dissipate escalating challenging behaviours. 

These skills are invaluable in a bustling preschool classroom, where children need to be able to focus, self soothe and stay calm throughout the day. 

Yoga classes for preschoolers nurture self-confidence in a non-competitive extra-curricular activity 

We live in a competitive world and our children often compare themselves to their peers. This can lead to feelings of inadequacy and low self-esteem. Yoga with kids offers a safe and non-competitive environment where children can explore their physical abilities without feeling the need to compare themselves to others.

They are encouraged to move at their own pace and progress at their own rate.  There’s no such thing as “I can’t!” in a kid's yoga class, but rather, “What can I do when I try!” 

This is an important lesson for children to learn, as it fosters a sense of self-acceptance and confidence that can be carried into other areas of their lives. 



Mindfulness yoga for kids

Research shows that children benefit physically, mentally and emotionally the earlier they start kids’ yoga classes. 

With stress amongst teachers, children and parents at extraordinary high levels, especially post Covid, yoga in childcare is fast becoming a regular and much-loved addition to preschool programs, with parents and early childhood centres quickly realising the immense rewards by offering it as a centre-based activity. 

Support yoga in my school and offer little kids yoga to your parents and their children, and watch them grow into caring, kind and compassionate community kids. 


About Karma Kids Yoga

Our mindful kids’ yoga classes focus on whole child development and include a range of kids' yoga poses, breath awareness and mindfulness activities that benefit children’s physical, mental and emotional health and wellbeing.  

Our kid's yoga classes are led by highly skilled and experienced teachers who love yoga and children.  

Invite us to your early childhood centre or childcare and see why yoga and mindfulness for preschoolers is so beneficial to the development of the whole child.  

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