ABC Story Time With Your Students

Welcome to ABC story time with kids yoga, a fun kids yoga class where they explore their bodies and learn the alphabet. Young kids love animals and they love to hear stories, sing and move. In this kids yoga class, led by JJ, they get to do all these things. Click the video link to enjoy the class with JJ, or follow the transcript and teach it to your children. Either way, we know you’ll all have fun! 

A guide for preschool educators to have fun learning and moving together with a detailed script.  


Click below for the follow along video:


Follow along with this script and insert your own name: 


Hello, my name is [JJ] and welcome to The Karma Class Storytime. I love telling stories and I love to read and sing, that's why today I've chosen ABC yoga by Christian Engel.  


Let’s start with a simple song: 

Can you sing the ABC song with me? ‘a b c d e f g h i j k l m n o p q r s t u v w x y and z now I know my ABCs next time won't you sing with me?’ 


Good job! Should we have a look what happens in our ABC yoga? 


A – Armadillo (Child’s pose) 

Armadillo curls up quick stretch with us to learn this trick. 


Can you come on to your hands and knees like armadillo and go very small? 

Good job! Let's see who's next. 


B – Butterfly (Butterfly pose) 

Butterfly who's that fluttering by, join your hands and feet and smile at the butterfly. 


Can you get your feet and make them kiss? 

Hold on tight so you can bounce your knees up and down to fly like a butterfly.  Keep flying those wings as we find out who's next. 


C – Crocodile (Plank pose) 

Crocodile lives by the shore, plank with us and find out more.  

Can you bring your hands down onto the ground and your feet all the way back, lifting up your knees to plank like a crocodile.    

Good job! 


D – Doggie (Downward facing dog pose) 

Next, we have a doggy like my doggy Thembi back here! 

Let's get outdoors like doggy and look face down on all fours. 

Plant your hands again, and this time lift your knees and your bum all the way up.  

Turn your body into a downward facing dog. 


E- Elephant (Forward fold pose) 

Elephant likes a cool drink, bend down forward and let your head sink. 

Can you turn your body into a big elephant shape? Get your elephant trunk and wave it up and down like an elephant. 



F- Fox (3 legged dog pose) 

Little red fox in the wood, stretch your back and you'll feel good. 

Coming onto your hands and your feet again, lift up one foot to turn your body into the letter F for fox.  

What about your other foot? 


G - Grasshopper (Squat pose) 

Grasshopper rarely sits still, let's all squat down to help him to be chill? 

Can you be a chilled little grasshopper? 

Come down onto your feet and bend really low in your knees, then plant your hands like the long legs of a grasshopper.   

Should we go bounce once like a grasshopper? Bounce! 


H - Hippo (Child’s pose) 

Hippo dozing cool in the lake, the giant hippo takes a break.  

Can you make yourself really small like a hippo and have a little rest? Take a deep breath in and out. 


I – Iguana (Lunge pose) 

Iguana green and bright, lunge with us to your delight. 

Can you make a lunge with your legs? 

Step one foot all the way forward and keep your other leg back and your knee off the ground.  

Lunge like an iguana. Try with our other leg. Step back into our downward facing doggy quick to go back into our iguana lunge. 


J – Jellyfish (Knees to Chest) 

Jellyfish wobbles by, lie on your back look at the sky. 

Can you lay all the way back like jellyfish? Bring your knees in towards your chest and you can wiggle side to side. Maybe even hold on to the back of your legs to rock and roll all the way to sit back up. 


K - Koala (Eagle pose) 

Koala hugs a leafy tree, twist your arms and legs and do it like me. 

Let's stand up for this one. 

Can you get your arms and slowly bring one over the other? 

Tangle them up like a koala hanging onto a tree branch. Now, if you can, balance on one leg and slowly twist the leg to turn into a koala. 

Well done, that's a tricky one!  Should we try out the other leg and the other arm? Can you bring your other arm on top, and your other leg to twist around and balance? It’s pretty tricky! 

Now if the balancing was too hard you can just do it with your arms. 


L – Lion  (Lion’s Breath) 

I'm a lion hear me roar, sit like me and stretch some more.  

Let's do some lions breaths together. 

Come on to your knees and plant your hands down. 

Now we're going to take a big breath in and then stick out our tongues and breathe like a lion. 

You can also roar like a lion, let's try a breath first. Big breath in through your nose, now stick out your tongue and breath out as hard as you can. Let's try that one more time. Big breath in, big breath out. This time get your big lion claws and breathe a big breath out. 

That's some scary lions! 


M – Moon (Banana Pose) 

Crescent moon in the sky, bend like me watch clouds float by.  

Let’s do this one laying down.  

Start really flat.  

Bring your legs over to one side and keep your bottom stuck to the ground as you bring your arms over into the shape of a crescent moon. 

Now you can try doing it on your other side as well. 

N – Nest (Bow pose) 

Two eggs in a nest make a bow and take a rest. 

This one's a bit tricky. 

Lay down on our tummies. 

Reach back and grab both of your ankles.  

Take a deep breath in, kick your feet into your hands and your hands into your feet to lift up like a nest. 


O – Owl (Seiza kneeling) 

Hooting owl in the trees looks straight ahead sit on your knees. 

Up we get! Can you sit like an owl in the tree? 

You can even make some owl sounds “hoot” “hoot”! 


P - Pig (Happy Baby pose) 

Like a piggy on the ground, touch your toes and roll around. 

Let's pretend we are piggies rolling in the mud. 

Lay down on your backs, hold your feet and rock and roll in the mud like a piggy and then all the way back up. 



Q – Quack (Dancer’s pose) 

See the dancing duck stand on one leg and make a quack. 

Stand all the way up. You’re going to balance. 

Plant one foot into the ground, reach your arm forward and kick your leg back to land in your hand and go quack like a duck.  

If that's a bit tricky, you can stay on two feet and you can just lift your hands to go quack quack! 


Let's try the other leg. 

If you're going to balance, plant your other leg down, reach your arm forward and kick your foot back into your hand to go quack quack quack!  


R – Rainbow (boat pose) 

Like these two friends join your feet, join your hands, make a rainbow with two ends. 

If you have a partner around, you can do this with them otherwise, you can do it by yourself. 

If you have a friend you're going to hold hands. If you don’t, you’re going to stretch your fingers out wide. Press your feet against your friend’s feet.  

If you're doing it on your own, turn on your strong tummy muscles and slowly lift lift lift to make a rainbow and all the way back down. 


S - Shark (boat pose) 

Speedy shark swims in the sea, do this pose like him and me.  

You’re going to go swimming like a shark. 

 Lay down on your tummy, hands on your back to make a shark’s fin and lift up your chest and your feet to go swimming like a shark. 


T – Tiger (Tiger curls) 

Get down on your paws, see the stripy tiger with tail and claws. 

Come down onto your hands and your feet again to go walking through the jungle like a tiger, and all the way back down. 


U - Unicorn (Marching) 

Unicorn says hello, up on two legs ready to go. 

Can you stand up to gallop like a unicorn? You can even get your pretend horn and go galloping like a unicorn. 


V – Volcano (Star pose) 

Like the volcano I stand arms and legs spread wide high up on black sand. 

We are going to erupt like volcanoes. 

Stand up on your feet and spread them out wide. Now come down low, getting ready to erupt, let's go all the way up and erupt like a volcano pouring out its lava. 


 W - Whale (Bridge pose or Wheel pose) 

Watch the whale in the sea, make a bridge let's count to three. 

Laying down on your back, bend up your knees and press your feet into the ground. Now you're going to slowly lift up your tummy and hips to the sky.  If that feels enough, that's where you're going to stay in your whale. 


Is this the right slide? It should be wheel. 

If you want to go a little bit more, you bring your hands to either side of your head and push up into your whale and then slowly come down all the way back to the ground.  

Well done! That was a tricky one for the biggest sea creature. 


X -  X-ray fish (Resting pose on belly) 

Flat like the X-ray fish, I flap my hands and go swoosh swish. 

Can you come down onto your tummy and turn your body into an X for X-ray fish? 


Y - Yak (Cow pose) 

Strut like the hairy yak through hills and fields then arch your back. 

Bring your hands and knees onto the mat and reach your head and bum up high to the sky to arch your back like a yak. 


Z -  ZZZZZZ (Savasana or Resting pose) 

Rest with us for a while, enjoy the peace and you will smile. 

Lay down to rest and take some deep breaths in to fill up your whole tummy with air and down again; big breath in and out... you can even pretend to be asleep with some snores.  

Well done I hope you had fun doing our ABC yoga story together. 


Now let’s finish off with a special chant.  


Can you get some strong muscles and sing : 

I am strong  

Give yourself a big cuddle and say: I am clever  

Hand onto your heart and say: I am kind  


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