6 ways to cultivate calm in your family during corona virus stress  

mum and kids doing mindful activites

Without exception, this is a strange and scary time in our world. Messages, news and reports change by the minute; there is an air of uncertainty and a lot of fear. You may be feeling the stress in your family in many different ways. What is most important is that together you remain calm, grounded and healthy and be there for one another.  


Here Beth Borowsky, CEO of The Karma Class, shares 6 ways to cultivate calm and build resilience 



Although many things may be changing and the sense can be one of tremendous loss and fear, there are still many things you can be grateful for. It’s important to focus on these. Every day, list 5 things you are grateful for when you wake up and before going to sleep. Share these with your family. 


Be Kind – to yourself and others 

Stress has a sneaky way of creeping up on us. There are many reasons why you and your children may be feeling stressed right now. Be kind to one another - small gestures like rubbing each other’s feet or a gentle neck massage. Lie together and take 10 very deep and slow belly breaths – a quick way to balance your nervous system and feel calmed. Run a hot scented bath and listen to soothing music as you soak and soothe. 


Stay connected 

We may need to maintain social distancing but there are many ways to keep connected with friends and family. Schedule skype/video calls. Share how you are feeling. Ask for help. Offer help. Join online community groups to fill your cup. Sort through old photo albums or watch old family movies. 


Seize the opportunity 

There may be many things that you cannot do during this time but there may be others that need to be done and you’ve been procrastinating or putting off because you’ve been too busy. Seize the moment! Get to those cupboards that are overflowing with old toys, sort through clothes, cook some recipes together you’ve been meaning to try. Listen to audio books as a family. 


Move + Breathe 

Staying healthy in mind is linked directly to staying strong and healthy in body. Get outdoors and into nature. Go for a swim, a jog, a walk, a hike. Register for online yoga classes. Do family yoga. Put on some music and dance around the house together. Take a mindful walk barefoot and notice the trees, plants, birds and insects. Nature and exercise are undeniable elixirs for the body, mind and soul. 



If you and your family have never meditated before, now might be the perfect time to start. Choose an appropriate time and sit together for just 5 -10 minutes. Play an instrumental piece of music in the background or listen to a guided visualisation. Don’t have any expectations. Just sit or lie together in silence and stillness. There are many free apps to help you get started.  


Challenging times call for greater strength, deeper compassion and generosity of spirit. We’re all in this together. Stay calm, strong and healthy – this too shall pass and all will be well. 


Beth Borowsky is an Educator, Yoga Teacher and CEO of The Karma Class. Contact us to find out how to bring calm into your home through Yoga, Breath and Mindfulness.