Mindful hand washing 

little girls washing her hands for mindful activity

It’s a crazy time of the year and the best thing we can all do is to stay as calm as possible. 


As you are all aware, keeping your hands clean is one of the best ways to keep yourself healthy and free of ANY virus, not just COVID-19. We’re heading into Autumn with lots of congestion and flu-type symptoms in the air. 


Here’s a fun MINDFUL HANDWASHING experience to share with your kids as they explore their senses. Ask probing questions that spark curiosity while cultivating focus and concentration.  



Explain that there are teeny tiny (microscopic) germs that you can’t see with your eyes. These germs can spread illness so it’s important to do a great cleaning job and wash them away for 20 seconds. 

Before you begin to wash your hands take a good look at them. What do you see? 

  • Are they dirty? 
  • Do they have pen, texter or paint on them? 
  • Are they grubby from playing outdoors; sandy from playing in the sandpit; sticky from eating a banana or something else? 
  • What’s happening under your fingernails? 
  • Once you’ve lathered up, what does the soap look like? The bubbles?


Encourage kids to lather their hands for at least 20 seconds. Wash in between fingers, the backs of hands, wrists, and under nails where germs can hide. Count slowly together. 


Find out 

  • How does the water feel? Is it too hot, too cold, warm or just right?  
  • How does the water feel as it runs over your hands?  
  • How do the bubbles feel when you rub your hands together?  



  • Does the soap have a smell? 
  • What does it smell like? 
  • What does it remind you of? (eg. eating strawberries; vanilla ice cream) 
  • Do you like the smell? 


Listen carefully - what can you hear? 

  • the flow of the water 
  • the water splashing into the basin 
  • the sound of rubbing your hands together 
  • the sound of the soap lathering up 
  • the soap bubbles popping 


Look at your hands after you wash them 

  • Do they look cleaner?  
  • Are they soft? 
  • Do they have a pruney look from being under the water?