Keynote speech – ‘Future Fit Classrooms’

Stress is one of the leading causes of burnout amongst teachers, and one of the biggest contributors to student mental health and their inability to concentrate, focus and learn.

How can our children learn when they are frazzled and stressed?

And how can we bring their attention and awareness into the present moment, so that they can find the balance between calm and alert – the “just right” space where they are curious, attentive and focussed; they are able to self-regulate and ready to learn?

Within this keynote address to an audience of 360 teachers, Beth guides them through a 5-minute process - moving from high stress and chaos - to feeling calm and focused, using breath and mindful movement.

She highlights the important role Yoga, Breath and Mindfulness play in our classrooms today, and the vital part they will play in creating Future Fit classrooms for our 21st Century youth.