5 tips to create calm when stuck at home  

little girls in cobra pose for at home yoga


Live it, do it 


With everything that is going on at the moment and more kids being home for longer periods of time, keeping yourself and your children calm can be a struggle. Beth Borowsky, founder of The Karma Class has created a free online kids yoga program offering yoga classes and an array of mindful activities for kids from 2+. They are also offering intermittent live stream classes.  Here are some of her suggestions for keeping calm while stuck at home during this challenging time.  


Learn something new 

It’s often tempting to sit the kids in front of the television but you can use this time as an opportunity to dive deeper into their interests or to dabble in something new and exciting. There’s so much on offer online right now so chat with your kids about their interests and go in search of something that will keep them stimulated, engaged and learning a new skill.  


Move your body 

Daily exercise is vitally important and even more essential during this lockdown phase. If getting outdoors is challenging, make use of the many online offerings, both free and subscription based. If you’ve never tried yoga, check our free online platform of kids yoga classes and mindful activities. We offer authentic, homegrown experiences that teach kids about their breath while helping them to cultivate strength and flexibility – in body and mind. 



Eating nutritional meals helps to build healthy bodies and keep minds calm and moods regulated. Building a strong immune system is paramount and now more so than ever. Involve your kids in co-creating nutrient rich meals that include a variety of fruits, vegetables, protein, nuts, healthy fats and wholegrains. Stay away from high sugar and processed foods. When we eat well, we feel well.  Our energy increases, we sleep more soundly, we concentrate better and for longer and we feel happier – a recipe for greater health and wellbeing.  



Routine goes a long way in staying healthy and well – in body and mind. Establish a routine that you can stick to, something that is achievable and has a balance of exercise, work, screen time, alone time, chill time and time spent connecting as a family.  



Stay connected to the people you love, the people you work with and to those who you might meet occasionally like Mother’s Group or Book Club. There’s no shortage of ways to stay in touch online – Zoom, Facebook Live, What’s App and the latest House Party app to mention a few. Remember we’re all in this together. If you’re feeling anxious, lonely, overwhelmed or disconnected, reach out. You’re not alone. Chances are others are feeling similar feelings too.

Beth Borowsky is an educator, yoga teacher, teacher trainer and mum of 2 adult daughters.  She is the founder of The Karma Class and JustBreatheYoga. Her accredited workshop A Karma Classroom: Yoga, Breath + Mindfulness teaches Australian teachers how to implement culture change within their classrooms and school by easily weaving minutes of daily Yoga, Breath and Mindfulness into the day.