Why Yoga for home schooling and parents

The modern age has brought about many significant and revolutionary changes which no doubt have been beneficial throughout the world.

However, with our advances in technology, we've inadvertently contributed to the creation of a slew of undesirable consequences for our children.

Our Vision for a calmer world

To ensure every teacher, child and family gain the health & wellbeing tools essential to thrive in life.

Our Mission

To support whole child development by providing easy-to-use programs and tools that relieve stress, create calm, build resilience and support physical strength and flexibility. 

the health and wellbeing of children and their teachers is a growing concern

beth borowsky and yoga partner in boat pose

Most of us can agree that social media is impacting our children's mental AND physical health.

They’re increasingly exposed to topics and dangers beyond their years, are bombarded with advertising and are slaves to a peer culture that is causing massive anxiety in order to feel ‘normal’ and ‘fit in’.

Their physical wellbeing is being affected to such an extent that weakened muscles and poor posture, from sitting hunched over screens, is at epidemic proportions.

Poor posture inhibits breathing which, in turn, limits one’s ability to concentrate and learn. It’s a downward spiral towards mis-behaviours due to a lack of concentration and focus.


Finding a balance between aligning with the needs of an ever-changing world, and providing a solid educational foundation, is a huge challenge for home schooling parents and their children.

Challenges facing our children and parents home schooling

Physical Development

Poor posture, limited breathing capacity, weak muscles (core + upper thoracic) and digestion issues 

Emotional Challenges

Anxiety, depression and the

fear of not being ‘good enough’

Behaviour Management

Managing increasing challenging behaviours  

Parents Anxiety

Managing growing anxiety in children, staff AND parents  

the impact of stress and anxiety on children and their teachers cannot be underestimated AND early intervention is key if we are to make a difference

What the statistics say

Most concerning of all is that children and young Australians are facing significant mental health challenges as a result of the pandemic.

Parent Confidence

36% of parents lack confidence in addressing their children’s mental health needs


Mental Health

72% of children aged 4-11 have mild-to-severe mental disorders which included anxiety, depression, and ADHD.  



Pandemic Stress

41% of parents believe the pandemic has had a significant negative impact on the mental wellbeing of their children.



Parents Stress

87% of parents agree that their child’s mental health is just as important as their physical health.




Lacking Resources

52% find it challenging to access resources


References:   A large body of proven science and health research is available on request.  For more information reach out to The Karma Class


Our integrated approach to mental and physical wellbeing

We focus SO much on the modern world and all our technological advances, but what about the many ancient tools, wisdom and practices right at our fingertips that are super easy to learn and implement?

The great news is that Yoga – and all its gifts – can be practiced and enjoyed by everyone – kids included. And what a great gift to include it into every single home school day.

Yoga, an ancient Indian practice has been around for over 5,000 years. Yoga means to yolk or union – a practice that unites Body, Mind and Breath to create a holistic wellbeing. Despite it often being seen in the West as a purely physical practice, yoga is actually a complete system of self-care that includes physical postures, breathwork and mindfulness.

little girls blowing a feather for clam down actvity

How The Karma Class is responding to the crisis

The Karma Class believes that early intervention is key if we are to combat this ever-growing mental and physical health epidemic. As a result, we have created unique and innovative programs that use yoga, breath and mindfulness to help children thrive and these include:

The Karma Classroom is designed to give home-schooling parents the knowledge and skills to easily weave yoga, breath and mindfulness into the home-school day. The course was developed by Beth Borowsky, a qualified early learning educator and highly skilled yoga teacher/teacher trainer with over 35 years of experience.

Home schooling in Australia

Evidence-based course development

How yoga and mindfulness can help home schoolers and parents

Our workshop, A Karma Classroom, is evidence-based. Research confirms that when children experience daily Yoga, Breath and Mindfulness from a young age, it helps create a healthy foundation for overall mental health and wellbeing. It also supports learning.

Daily Yoga experiences help children to build a ‘wellbeing toolbox’ which they can dip into when they are feeling tired, ratty, anxious, scared, angry or sad. They develop life tools that they can access from early childhood, through primary and high school and into adulthood.

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Benefits of The Karma Classroom workshop for home schooling families:

Health and wellness programs specially designed for home schoolers

icon of heart


Improve concentration, focus and learning


icon of infinity

Reduce Stress

Reduce stress and anxiety in both parents and children

icon of tree


Promote self-awareness and self-confidence

icon of stars


Increase energy and stamina

icon of light bulb


Improve flexibility and strength

icon of chair


Encourage creative and critical thinking

Online kids yoga classes and mindful activities

Highlights of our online kids yoga classes

In addition to our Karma Classroom Workshop, The Karma Class has developed the Karma Collection - a series of online kid's yoga classes, breathing exercises and mindful activities.


The series comprises 42 online classes including a variety of yoga, breath and mindful activities and kids' yoga classes designed to delight and engage kids between 2 and 10 years. The Karma Collection can be done in the comfort of your own home.


The online kids' yoga classes are perfect for home schoolers, as they provide a much-needed break from screentime and academic learning. They are also great for kids who need to move their bodies more often during the day.


If you're looking for a fun and relaxing way to incorporate some moving and mindfulness into your home school day, The Karma Collection is a great option!

early learning kids with yoga teacher practising candle meditation

Kids yoga classes are the single most impactful extracurricular activity that early learning centres can offer.

Benefits of online kids yoga classes and mindful activities

  • Reduces stress and tension in the home
  • Creates a sense of calm and peace
  • Builds connection and bonding
  • Promote healthy sleep habits
  • Provides a positive outlet for energy
  • Gets kids active and moving

Reviews from parents who have taken the course

"Really practical; your depth of experience is evident. Your flexibility re: delivery is refreshing. Thank you so much. I look forward to getting started!"

Vanessa Bain, Merimbula Public School

"The most engaging, informative and enjoyable course I have been on in my teaching career."


Georgea Cross, Double Bay Public School

“The content that I will take back and share is huge - what a great tool to teach young children, that can stay with them as they grow.“

Corrie Shepherd, Tathra Preschool

Why choose The Karma Class

The Karma Class brings more than just yoga to children, teachers, schools, early learning centres and families.

We offer children and teachers holistic experiences that combine the advantages of mindful movement, breath and mindfulness to support optimal mental and physical health and wellbeing through our evidence-based workshops, kids yoga sessions and supporting products.


Children learn about their powerful bodies and acquire skills to self-soothe and cultivate resilience. In addition, children become compassionate individuals in the classroom, community, and world. With this health and wellbeing toolbox, children are better able to navigate the challenges of life with more ease and less anxiety.


The tools and techniques learned in the A Karma Classroom workshop are easy to learn and implement, and only require a few minutes each day. Home-school educators learn strategies to cultivate a calm learning environment making it easier for them to teach and their children to learn. They are better able to gauge when it’s time to take a break, and how to engage their children with short bursts of movement, breath and mindfulness. In turn, this ensures fewer disruptions, more enthusiasm for learning and less stress for everyone!


“The most important teachings we as teachers offer transcend academic skills and the acquisition of knowledge. Before teaching content, we must create a learning environment conducive to education.” Meena Srinivasan

Karma Classroom Cards

An innovative and holistic resource making it easy for teachers to bring the training to life in the classroom.

  • Yoga, Breath and Mindfulness 
  • 82 gender neutral cards
  • 115 classroom activities
selection of yoga cards camel pose dust buster breathing and yoga poses
illustration of sandwich yoga pose

If you are a School or Early Learning leader, Teacher or Parent looking for more information, please get in touch.