beth borowsky and partner with breathing ball

Breathing Ball (Hoberman Sphere)

A fantastic tool to teach kids about their magical breath.

$85.00 AUD incl. GST

Exploring with the Breathing Ball

The Karma Class uses a Magic Breathing Ball (aka Hoberman Sphere) to introduce kids to their ‘magical breath’. Why? Because it’s powerful, eye-catching and super cool!

When children are taught that inside them lives magic, and that this magic can help them to self soothe and ease stress or anxiety, they become more resilient and better able to meet the many challenges that life may throw their way.

By mirroring the expanding ball as they inhale, their lungs fill with fresh oxygen and, as they exhale very slowly with the sphere, their lungs empty, sending that fresh energy throughout their body.

The magic breathing ball makes a statement – it’s vibrant, colourful and huge. This makes it easier for kids to remember the potency of their magical breath.

Watch  Jasper as he teaches his dad Jonathan how to breathe with the magic breathing ball.

Listen to our little friend J explain to Beth how he feels when he uses the magic breathing ball.