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Just had a magical yoga session with my 3 year old JJ, thank you. It's so hard to keep her focused and she loved this! Beautiful. Great for me and my kids. Big thanks to the Karma Class team!

Kimberley Masters

This has been amazing, my son has fallen asleep listening to this Autumn Adventure every night this week. Thanks Beth

Helen Leiton 

My 3 year old has absolutely loved JJ's calm and fun yoga class - she's done it at least three times now. Can you please start a regular online class that we can pay to participate in? Thank you!

Marian Turner 

My 8 year old son just loved this!  (Autumn Adventure Meditation)

George Dann



Yoga helps our bodies to become strong and flexible and our minds to be calm. Join Beth and The Karma Class team as they take you on adventures into your body, breath and mind.

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Let's Breathe

Discover the magic of your breath and how it can be used to bring either calm or energy to your body and mind.


Stress Busters

Shake things up and relieve stress and tension with these self-love Stress Busters.  To oxygenate the brain and body during extended study time.  Great for home schooling.


Meditation - Imagination Vacation

One of the most common mindful techniques to help children better understand their feelings is through guided visualisation. Come and join us on Imagination Vacations where everything is peaceful and calm.


Mindful Moment Actvities

Mindfulness simply means being present to what is happening in the moment. Join us as we guide you through different mindfulness activities that create calm, compassion and kindness to yourself and others.


Mantra (song)

Mantras are sacred sounds that come from the mountains in India. Join us as we connect to ourselves and one another and sing these beautiful sounds together.

The Karma Class has been providing yoga, breath and mindfulness classes to pre-schools and primary school students since 2005.

We're excited to come into your home.

Our Full Collection of Kid Yoga Classes and Mindful Activities contains over 40 videos.