G8 Employee Wellbeing

It's time to give back to You!


We hope you enjoyed your Wellness Day and the experience of gentle movement to mindful breath and guided meditation.

These are trying times!

Knowing when to pause, and gift yourself with experiences that replenish your energy and reduce stress, is an important step in managing your own overall health and wellbeing and preventing burnout.

Here are some easy-to-use tools, tips and videos to help you develop a self-care routine and to support you in maintaining vitality in Body, Mind and Spirit.


Self Care Booklet to keep YOU thriving

Self care isn't selfish, it's essential.

Caring for your mental & physical health & wellbeing ensures that you have everything you need to THRIVE as an employee, partner, family member and friend.

This self-care booklet is a gift we give to educators who complete our Teacher Wellbeing Workshop and we wanted to gift it to you too.

Together with the videos below, we hope the tips in this booklet support you in creating a daily wellbeing practice that nourishes you from the inside out and keeps you showing up the best version of yourself.

Self Care Videos For You

Belly Breathing to keep you Calm

Enjoy this video as Beth leads you through a guided belly breathing meditation to bring calm to your body and mind. (3min35sec)

Neck Release + Chest Opener

We hold SO much tension in our neck, shoulders and upper back. Not only does this cause plenty of pain, tightness and often headaches, it also limits our capacity to breathe deeply.

Enjoy this video as Beth guides into a nourishing neck release and short chest/upper back sequence to bring energy, movement and spaciousness into your neck, shoulders and upper back.

You can also do this seated on the floor. (8min44sec)

Shoulder Shrugs + Eagle Arms

Another great sequence with Beth to release tension and bring fresh energy into your neck, shoulders and upper back.

You can also do this sitting in a chair. (4min8sec)

The Karma Class is on a mission to significantly impact the mental health and wellbeing of 500 educators and 5000 children in 2023. We do this through our accredited Educator PD, Wellbeing Workshops and Kids Yoga Classes. We hope you'll join us on this journey!

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