Karma Kids Yoga

Building strength, resilience and calm in young children

For pre-school and primary school students

Karma Classroom Cards

A wellbeing toolkit 

for teachers and students

115 classroom activities 


Karma Classrooms

A unique, results oriented

approach to better

learning outcomes.

bringing the proven health & wellbeing benefits of yoga, breath & mindfulness to children and their teachers

Karma Classrooms

A positive approach for managing student stress and anxiety, and teacher burnout

Karma Kids Yoga

Promotes strength, cultivates calm and builds resilience in children and youth

Karma Homes

A suite of classes that bring yoga, mindful activities and calm into your home

Our work is a synthesis of more than thirty years of theory and practice in education coupled with a profound understanding of the intersection between mind and body


A positive approach for managing student stress and anxiety, and teacher burnout.

Australian educators are facing growing levels of stress.

It's increasingly challenging to deliver a consistent high-quality learning environment for students.

Our simple, effective tools transform classrooms with just minutes of practice each day.


Practical solutions to the growth of stress and anxiety amongst our youth.

Kids are spending too much time hunched over devices.

Anxiety and stress levels are on the rise.

Our fun-filled kids yoga classes energise young learners through movement, breath and mindfulness.

Led by specially-trained practitioners.


Create calm and activate tired minds with online kids yoga and mindful activities

Movement, meditation & mindful activities

Over 40 classes for kids aged 2+

Brain break ideas for home schooling

Over 15 years experience working with 1000's of kids & their teachers


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Karma Classrooms training course!

Australian standards approved and NESA-accredited course for childcare and primary school teachers

Workshops are scheduled in Sydney and in Regional areas


A snapshot of what we do

Reactions from primary school teachers to the Karma Classrooms training program


“47% of Australian students

feel very tense

when they study”

Sydney Morning Herald