Free Karma Classes

Bring calm into your home

bring calm into your home

we are here to bring balance and peace to your home and family environment


Yoga helps our bodies to become strong and flexible and our minds to be calm. Join Beth and The Karma Class team as they take you on adventures into your body, breath and mind.

Yoga Storytime: ABC Yoga (U3)

Join JJ and have fun together moving your body through the ABC's.

ABC Yoga by Christiane Engel

Family Yoga for under 7s

Join Beth and JJ in this LIVE stream class as they venture into the woods, accompanied by many friends from around the world who joined in online.

The Magic of Body and Breath (3+)

Join JJ as she takes you on an adventure into your magical breath and powerful body.

Family Yoga for 7-10

Join Beth and JJ as they go on adventure from the head to the heart and explore how yoga is about feeling, not thinking.

Yoga to make you feel Great (5+)

Join Beth and explore together why yoga is cool to do – for your body and mind.

Let's Breathe + Mindful Moments

Discover the magic of your breath and how it can be used to calm or energise.

Mindfulness simply means being present to what is happening in the moment.

Join us as we guide you through different mindful activities and meditations that create calm, compassion and kindness to yourself and others.

Count Down to Calm

Join Beth, Mila and Aliyah as they guide you through this calming breath - great for when you’re feeling anxious or angry.

Hot Breath

Join Beth, Mila and Aliyah as they energise their body and brain with Hot Breath – great for when you’re feeling grumpy, tired or restless.

Candle Gazing Meditation

Join Beth, Mila and Aliyah as they enjoy some quiet time in a Candle Gazing Meditation. Be sure to do this with adult supervision and let us know how it feels.

Autumn Adventure

Settle comfortably as Beth guides you on an Autumn Adventure.

Thankful Tilly

Be guided through this Gratitude Meditation with Tilly the wise old Tortoise.

Hari Ram Sita Ram - A Family Chant

Join Lulu and Mischka as they lead our family and yours through a beautiful chant.

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Colour to Calm

Join Beth and Mila as they take you on a mindful mandala Colour to Calm activity.

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