Free Live Yoga – 27 Jul Primary School Class

A 30 min yoga practice for students to:

  • Stretch out your body
  • Cultivate strength + flexibility
  • Enjoy a slow + mindful breath
  • Create a sense of calm
  • Unwind from lockdown stressors

Tuesday 27th July 4:45-5:15pm

$0.00 AUD incl. GST

Please Note: We will send you an email with a link to the You Tube Live class (check your Junk mail just in case)


The Karma Class brings the proven health & wellbeing benefits of yoga, breath & mindfulness to teachers, children and their families.


Why Yoga?

The benefits of Yoga, Breath + Mindfulness go a LONG way in helping us to feel grounded, stay calm and focussed, and better able to meet the challenges that life throws our way.

It goes without saying that Covid, and this extended lockdown, is offering up some mighty challenges – and our kids are feeling it too.  
A yoga experience gets students ‘out of their head’ and into their body and a more conscious breath. They are guided into yoga poses in a slow and mindful way, stretching out from being hunched at their desk all day. Cultivating a calm and smooth breath helps them to shift their nervous system out of stress and into a space of rest and digest.

They will be given health and wellbeing life tools to use as they navigate their way through these pretty crazy times.


My girls aged 10 and 12 absolutely loved yoga this morning. Beth is certainly an excellent instructor. I loved hearing her explain the importance of using the breathing/relaxing techniques when stressed or unable to sleep. Nice to hear her acknowledge the stress that kids are under at the moment (also the adults) I will definitely book them in again!
Thank you, Sarah S.


My daughter loved the class. It was at just the right level and Beth's interaction with the kids was fantastic!
Claudia B
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