A Karma Classroom Live Workshop: 24 Jul 24

Primary and Early Childhood PD

Empowers educators - giving them easy-to-use tools to create a calm + inspired classroom where learning flourishes.

NESA, TQI and South Australia, 5-hours accredited.

Includes a pack of Karma Classroom ACTIVITY CARDS

$345.00 AUD incl. GST

For whole school orders or any questions please contact us

Your course includes:

  • 5 hours towards your NESA, TQI and South Australia Accreditation or Elective Professional Development
  • Karma Classroom ACTIVITY CARDS valued at $95
  • A Comprehensive Manual to download
  • Certificate of Completion
  • Tax deductible (check with your accountant)

Tools for Coping + Skills for Thriving

Can be implemented in just minutes a day.

For Teachers: Easy-to-use techniques that help educators manage stress, overcome daily challenges and create a focussed, calm and ready-to-learn classroom climate.

For Children: Simple tools that help young learners improve flexibility and coordination while building life-long skills of resilience, regulation and self-soothing.

Some Really Lovely Reviews

The Karma Class
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I’ve just finished one of Beth’s Karma classes with my fellow educators. I’m feeling so calm, focused & refreshed ready to start my day. I would highly recommend The Karma Class, it was such a positive experience and gave me some useful ideas and tools to incorporate into my classroom as an Early Childhood Teacher. I’m looking forward to introducing this on Monday and witnessing the many benefits for the educators and the children. Thank you for such a wonderful class Beth - Namaste! 🙏🏽
It gave us a great insite how to introduce calmness to the class room through teaching children ways to relax their bodies through yoga movements
I found today's Karma class workshop very rewarding. I definitely feel more comfortable sharing what I have learnt with my toddler children in childcare. Thank you so very much!
This was such a amazing a karma classroom workshop, as a childhood educator I learnt so much wonderful information to implement into my daily work life and at home.
Super fun and easy to follow. Great resources !
The karma class was interesting and beneficial. You gain a lots of ideas to pursue in your day to day life, for your mind and body. This could be done with both children and adults.
I highly recommend 😊
It includes lots of different ways to support children with mindfulness as well as strategies for educators. It can fit a range of children and needs.
great experience for early childhood Educator
Our team has just completed The Karma Class with Beth and it was amazing. Beth gave us some wonderful insight into strategies that we can use not only for our learning environments with the children but also for ourselves as educators and teachers. We found this training so valuable and recommend it to all educators and early childhood professionals.
Excellent practical information useful to any modern classroom!
I have been very fortunate to have had the opportunity to work with Beth Borowsky today at a workshop, as a participant of A Karma Classroom workshop. I would recommend this workshop to anyone who works with children. The benefits of Yoga, Breath and Mindfulness in a one-day workshop is a must. You will leave with not only resources and a manual but a refreshing insight into how simple it is to help children practice daily" Peace and Pause" rituals that include yoga, breath and mindful activities. Fostering a greater sense of wellbeing for oneself, the children, parents, others, the environment and the world. Thank you
I’m always looking at ways to enhance my teaching in the Early Childhood Sector. The Karma Class-“Elevate Wellbeing” certainly delivered and I will be incorporating these great practices into my classroom.
I loved how the class is easy to follow and incorporate into the daily routine
I especially liked the importance of introducing peace pauses and how these can be done in various ways
A very fun interactive webinar
Thank you for sharing your wealth of knowledge with us. Enjoyed this session and look forward to putting strategies into practice
The Karma Class was an excellent workshop to assist educators with their own wellbeing but also to support children and children with strategies for self regulation, attention and calming emotions. The Karma Class cards are a great resource for everyone to work collaboratively with these strategies.
Great resource. Easy to understand and give guidance on how to teach to children
I throughly enjoyed this karma class experience, I liked learning about yoga and different types of breathing techniques. The karma cards were excellent and I cant wait till I can share all my knowledge of this fabulous Karma class to the children in my room. Thank you for this amazing experience. I loved it.
Beth provided us with many mindfulness strategies to use in our early childhood classroom and strategies to support teacher/educator wellbeing. Wonderful workshop, highly recommended! Thank you Beth!!
Beth is a great instructor, she makes the learning very easy and helps to teach the mindfulness and yoga techniques using examples of how we can word instructions easier for children to understand.
We learned a lot very interesting. I can see the children really will respond to this.
The breathing techniques helped me to take a step back and learn to breathe more effectively. The poses were a great way for me to get in touch with myself and to connect with nature and my surroundings. I'm especially grateful to have a small but wonderful insight in The Karma Class
Informative and easy to follow. Learnt new skills and how to apply the skills in the classroom that are age appropriate.
Very helpful and genuine! Learned a lot and started my journey of yoga after this class. It is very meaningful and you can learn lots of things that can be use in the classroom for children. Thank you Beth for your time and your lovely classes! I will 100% recommend it to everyone!
I would recommend this interactive training. Beth gave us lots of tips for mindful breathing techniques to use with the children to help them focus and relax. The cards are a great resource for educators.
Beth from The Karma Class has given me the tools to be able to teach our children how to take care of their wellbeing through yoga, mindfulness and breath work, thank you
Beth is fabulous! Very inspiring and full of energy. The Karma Class is a very practical workshop full of practical ideas, all very easy to introduce into any classroom setting.
Beth has provided wonderful and practical teachings to support us to create a calmer environment in our rooms and classes with the specific intention of maximising learning and increasing emotional intelligence and wellness. Highly recommend!!
Thanks so much for the inspirational ideas on how to implement mindfulness to the classroom in a fun and engaging way. A course every teacher should do!
The organisation I work for had organised a training session for us to learn breathing exercises and calming techniques to utilise in our sessions with our children, this has become useful in dealing with heightened behaviours and high energy levels.
Absolutely wonderful class.. Beth is amazing and loved every second of what she had to teach us. Highly recommended. Thank you 🙏🏼
Learning about breathing and it's benefits.
I had the incredible opportunity to participate in a Karma Class workshop. Beth is absolutely amazing! She shared so many valuable ideas and provided us with the tools and techniques to implement the Karma Classroom cards within the daily routine of the classroom. I'm excited to use them not just to benefit the children in my care, but also to support my own growth and that of my colleagues.🥰🙏
I had the incredible opportunity to participate in a Karma Class workshop. Beth is absolutely amazing! She shared so many valuable ideas and provided us with the tools and techniques to implement the Karma Classroom cards within the daily routine of the classroom. I'm excited to use them not just to benefit the children in my care, but also to support my own growth and that of my colleagues.🥰🙏
A beauitful concept that should be shared across all schools. The resources are simple and easily implemented into your everyday. I can already see there being benefits in my own teaching, as we practice these each day in class. Amazing resources for self regulation and mindfulness for anyone 💚Thank you Beth.
Beth's Karma Yoga class is a truly engaging experience for me. It's a perfect blend of physical challenge, mindfulness practice. I would highly recommend it to anyone seeking a transformative and rejuvenating mindfulness experience. Thanks Beth!
A wonderful workshop to support you to incorporate mindfulness in the classroom. Highly recommend!
Loved! Loved! Lots of insights on how to incorporate mindfulness in education
An invaluable workshop to teach important life skills to children and adults that can be used in all areas of life. I would recommend this to anyone and everyone, teachers and non-teachers alike.
Thank you so much Beth for teaching us practical techniques on how to bring yoga techniques into the classroom. I am excited to start implementing these day to day. I especially loved the idea of Peace Pauses.
I loved the Peace Pauses. They are definitely an experience that I can incorporate into the day with the children. The session enabled me to feel empowered to guide mindfulness and yoga.
Great practical skills as well as the knowledge base. Fantastic course.
have worked with Beth both in a centre setting as well as having attended the NESA accredited PD offered. Her knowledge and passion for yoga and child development shine through and is inspiring.The childrens yoga classes offered by The Karma Class are a beautiful Way to share this practice with children as the teachers are engaging and relatable.The PD is insightful and practical, which makes it really fun and puts what you’re learning into practice straight away. Plus the resources are beautiful!Highly recommend the Karma Class - not only for the children in your spaces but to support yourself as an early childhood professional to bring more awareness and consciousness into your day and life.
This was an amazing practical and scientifically supported approach to implementing mindful practice into our daily practice. I would highly recommended for all educational settings early childhood through to primary school.
Had a great time participating the training. It was very hands on and practical. Cant wait to implement the strategies and resources offered with the children
This was a beautiful class and I ' m really excited to start the program with my preschool group . I think they'll love it.
Over the weekend my centre had the opportunity of collaborating with the Karma class. Beth was absolutely amazing and the workshop was better than we all anticipated. We will definitely be working closely with Beth and the Karma class in our future!
This was such a great way to learn different techniques to calm down my class. As an educator of 2-3 year olds I now feel equipped to handle even the toughest moments, emotions and behaviours, all through using simple techniques and activities. Thank you so much to Beth who was such a great knowledgeable teacher!
Amazing class for Early education and care , I love it.
Great class easy to follow and perfect to use in the classroom everyday Hands on examples and demonstrations to put into practise
Very useful and valuable information
Walking away from this wonderful training course with a better understanding of how to embed mindfulness into the classrooms and how to support the team with this as well. Was also a lovely morning becoming more in tune with my own well-being. Would definitely recommend
I just did this professional development today and it was amazing and so worth having as a skill in the classroom! Would absolutely would recommend. Jhenae McBay
A wonderful, calming and hands on workshop which outlined practical ways to incorporate yoga and mindfulness into the classroom. Beth covered the practical ways that the Karma cards can be used with children on a daily basis. I am looking forward to implementing the cards with my preschool children. I thoroughly enjoyed this workshop and felt more calmer afterwards!
I firmly believe that all Educators should get involved in this type of training with "the karma class" understanding the importance of uniting body, breath and mind for a more effective practice creating more meaningful learning environments for today's children. Thanks so much for step by step tips Beth. also the the resources are lovely.
Ahhh big breaths… what an amazing course! If this sparks your attention, just do it. The amount of knowledge I just received and this community I am now apart of is invaluable. I cannot wait to incorporate everything I have learnt and will be learning for my families, my own family and for our children to create healthy habits to carry them through life. I hope every educator will take the time to learn these life skills too.
What a fabulous workshop. Beth is a wonderful facilitator teaching the importance of mindfulness for adults and children. Highly recommended for all those that work with young children.
so much valuable information and not only for children but as educators!!! thank you
Useful to support children in early childhood and school and all areas of your life.
Loved this work shop and I think it is going to make a big difference to the kids I teach
What a wonderfully accessible and thought-out way of working with wellbeing in any classroom! The course presented exercises that are adaptable to different developmental stages. It was great for resetting the classroom culture and caring for teacher wellbeing. I highly recommend it.
Beth was amazing. The Karma Class training provided some great practical tools we can use for our own well-being as educators and to support the children’s emotional well-being and success for life. I would highly recommend this training to all teachers and educators.
Amazing interactive workshop with great ideas and insights. I especially like the karma classroom cards to refer to.
Very interactive and meaningful. Lots of practical ideas to implement
Very helpful and relaxing
It's was very useful for me in my personal life and my work place
I really enjoyed it. I have some ideas of how I can start these actions and help the children.
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Workshop Summary:

Date: Weds 24 Jul 2024
Time: 9.30am - 3pm (AEST)
Duration: 5 hours
Where: Online Zoom Workshop

The Karma Classroom Activity Cards will be shipped to you before the workshop.

* As the activity cards are posted once you book, there are no refunds.  You are welcome to transfer your place to another or join us at a later date.

Make Teacher and Student Health and Wellbeing a Priority


Teacher Health and Wellbeing

In a job that is often very stressful as well as physically challenging, teachers often burn out quickly and/or become physically injured.

  • Experience the benefits of a gentle adult yoga class and the effects of slow, deeper breathing to quickly reduce stress, muscular tension and anxiety.


Weaving yoga, breathing and mindfulness into the classroom

Learn to use the Karma Classroom Activity Cards (included with the training) on a daily basis to:

  • Energise, re-focus and boost moods with simple, fun and easy-to-use yoga sequences at the desk, standing or on the floor.
  • Learn different breathing techniques to energise and/or clam.
  • Cultivate tools to manage energy levels, various forms of child stress and challenging classroom situations.
  • Understand the healing benefits of visualisations.
  • Weave mindful activities to create calm, build resilience and cultivate compassion.
  • Introduce discussion topics to support a positive minds growth set.
  • Enjoy stress busters to shake things up.


Benefits of A Karma Classroom Course 

  • Supports whole-child development
  • Teaches stress management tools
  • Keeps students calm and focused
  • Builds resilience
  • Develops social and emotional intelligence
  • Promotes a positive classroom climate
  • Supports learning-readiness


Additional information for the event

  • Wear comfortable clothes that you can move in
  • Create a quiet space with place for a yoga mat and a chair
  • Download and print the manual prior to the training

Includes the Karma Classroom Activity Cards

Large Format & Durable A5, 300gsm stock, celloglazed finish, rounded corners

(Click sample images to see full size cards)

The Karma Classroom Cards are educationally designed to support physical, social and emotional wellbeing, learning-readiness and a classroom climate that is calm, centred and focussed.

They are easy to use and deliver a holistic body, breath and mind experience. With just minutes of daily movement, breath and mindful activities students' mental focus, social/emotional intelligence and physical strength is supported.


easy to use, for just minutes every day


What teachers are saying about The Karma Classroom PD course


"Really practical; your depth of experience is evident. Your flexibility re: delivery is refreshing. Thank you so much. I look forward to getting started!"

Vanessa Bain, Merimbula Public School


"The most engaging, informative and enjoyable course I have been on in my teaching career."

Georgia Cross, Double Bay Public School


“The content that I will take back and share is huge - what a great tool to teach young children, that can stay with them as they grow.“

Corrie Shepherd, Tathra Preschool

Karma Classroom Activity Cards

82 gender neutral cards
115 classroom activities
9 categories

icon of feather

Let's Breathe

Introducing different breathing techniques both calming and invigorating.

icon of chair

At the Desk

A series of poses to be done at the desk bringing an instant source of fresh oxygen to the body and brain.

icon of heart

Mindful Moment

Fun activities to cultivate mindfulness and encourage an inner sense of calm.

icon of dandelion

Stress Buster

Shake things up and relieve tension with these self-love stress busters.

icon of tree

Feeling Strong

A selection of poses encouraging stretching, lengthening, opening, twisting, bending and balancing.

icon of stars

Dust Buster

Shake off the dust and bring in a new sense of vitality with these fun At the Desk and Feeling Strong movement + breath sequences. 

icon of birds

Partner Pose

Partner Poses build co-operation & confidence, while promoting healthy communication and problem-solving. They are also a lot of fun!

icon of peace symbol

Karma Citizen

Discussion ideas to encourage your students to become the best version of themselves and to cultivate compassion and kindness for each other.

icon of light bulb

Imagination Vacation

A series of guided visualisations to bring students into the present moment and help them to better understand their feelings.


an innovative and holistic resource for every teacher 

Jay Card_edited_edited3

Custom Programs for Schools


A ‘whole school’ approach where the entire staff complete the A Karma Classroom course.

We continue to work closely with you to ensure the ongoing success of the program.

Add weekly Kids Yoga Classes and your Health and Wellbeing Program will be flourishing!