Out of school hours (OOSH) program

Enhancing school curriculum with Kids Yoga since 2005

Children who Practice KarmaKidsYoga

  • develop balance, strength and body awareness

  • build toned and supple muscles

  • understand the magic of their breath

  • increase their concentration, focus and attention

  • nurture their imagination and creativity

  • build self-esteem and confidence in a non-competitive environment

  • develop personal tools for stress management

  • enjoy increased self awareness

  • learn compassion and co-operation

  • respect others and the environment

  • learn basic anatomy and physiology

Weekly OOSH Kids Yoga Classes

Our highly trained kids yoga teachers are passionate about bringing the gifts of Yoga, Breath and Mindfulness to young people. In a world that is often very chaotic and demanding, we believe that giving children tools to manage their stress and anxiety is paramount to them maintaining their health and wellbeing.

Each class combines traditional yoga, breathing exercises and mindfulness activities to create a unique yoga experience.

Our classes encourage students to become more resilient, and to build strength and flexibility while cultivating inner calm.


The perfect way to end a busy school day.​