Karma Culture

Karma Culture resources that reinforce and sustain calmer educators and learners. Providing ongoing resources and refresher programs to help embed and sustain positive practices that begin in class and last a lifetime.

Karma Culture is a program development and advocacy initiative of The Karma Classroom. Its focus is on the development of novel solutions to challenges faced in learning – both in the classroom and beyond. Like Karma Kids Yoga and Karma Classrooms, it is interested in approaches that synthesise didactic, psychological and somatic theory to deliver practical outcomes that drive positive change in people’s lives.

Karma Culture draws on academic research and applied theory and seeks to fill the gaps created by rapid changes in our world through forces such as social media, disintermediation of traditional career paths, and socioeconomic pressures in a globalised, interconnected world.

Group 42

Creating inspired, resilient learning environments delivered to early childhood and primary teachers through APST referenced and NESA-accredited teacher training courses or implemented school-wide to childcare centres and primary schools


Secular yoga-based mind, body and breathing techniques delivered weekly by our specially trained practitioners to pre-schools, after school care and for primary school students.


Providing ongoing resources and refresher programs for our graduate teachers to help embed and sustain positive social and emotional learning that begins the classroom and lasts a lifetime.